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   Chapter 951 Being Jealous (2)

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After being lectured by Allan, Debbie went back to the hospital listlessly. There was no one lying on the bed, and the little girl was sitting on the sofa and doing her homework.

Seeing that she opened the door like a thief and looked inside like a thief, she burst into laughter. She knew what she meant, so she said to Debbie, "Dad is not inside."

In an instant, Debbie straightened up.

She walked to the little girl and looked at what she was writing, but she couldn't understand. She frowned and asked, "What are you writing?"

"The math questions dad set for me." The little girl was a little dissatisfied, staring at the hard questions she was working on.

"Not bad. You've made great progress."

The little girl didn't do well in her study, but now she was doing homework with divine help. Debbie was very happy to see that. Sure enough, she had to ask Baron to teach her children.

However, the little girl looked at her strangely, and then said shyly, "I've been confused all the time when I do math homework. Dad said he would have to check it later. Mom, can you teach me?"

The desire for knowledge in her eyes was so pitiful. Debbie frowned and refused mercilessly. When she was about to comfort her, she heard a familiar and sarcastic voice.

"Your mother was also a bad student when she was a student. What can you expect her to help you? How can she not know how to do? Let dad teach you."


'Is she really ok to reveal someone's shortcoming?

Debbie tried her best to hold back the urge to bite Baron to death. Seeing that the little girl was like a little kid, she quickly ran to Baron and said with a smile, "Dad, can you stop doing homework? I really want to go out to play. I have a few friends waiting for me."

However, that problem was too difficult for her to solve quickly. In the end, she gave up the treatment and began to do the masquerade at will.

Now she just wanted to play cute, and maybe her father coul

miled, "Will you feel regret?"

When the woman spoke to him like that because of the man, he couldn't help but investigate the identity of the person. It took him a lot of effort to find it out.

But she also found that the man and his stupid family had been schoolmates, and she was a little disappointed. It was true that the man had a crush on Debbie.

"I always think that no one will have any other feelings for you unless you are out of your mind."


Debbie kept silent and said nothing.

She didn't get angry or even a little scared when her charm was despised like this.

What should she say? She just didn't want to see Baron feel sad.

Although her words sounded a little bit pretentious, it was also a truth, but in Baron's eyes, her truth was ignored as air.

He didn't care about her attitude at all. He just thought that she had a cold war with him just now, and everything provoked him was because of another man.

Thinking of this, he almost died of anger because of her.

Debbie choked, "If you really think so, then I have nothing to say. As long as you are happy."

The man narrowed his eyes and glared at her fiercely. "What's wrong? You are not happy that you haven't seduced her. Let me tell you, Debbie, you can't have a heart out of a wall under my control!"

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