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   Chapter 949 Unreliable Mother (3)

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Baron didn't think it was shameful at all. Instead, he smiled subtly and said, "in our relationship, you can believe whatever I say."

Because from the bottom of his heart, he believed that no matter what he did, it would all be deemed feasible as they were legal couple.

Debbie didn't want to talk to him, so she rolled her eyes at him and said, "don't talk nonsense anymore. I have to go out now. You can lie down to have a rest first."

get out? Where to? Debbie just finished reading the report and was about to go out. Was she going to meet that man named Justin? That was interesting. As her real husband, how could he simply ignore it.


might tear her into pieces.

Debbie did not want to piss him off when he was in a rage. It was no different from courting death.

She touched her neck and felt that she still needed to cherish her life. "Don't talk nonsense. Dad likes you so much. How could he be fierce to you? If you are so afraid now, it will hurt his hearts."

The little girl didn't believe what Debbie said. She just looked at her hesitantly, as if she needed a strong backing. Debbie nodded her head as consent and the little girl walked over.

As an experienced woman in playing tricks on her daughter, Debbie left the ward immediately as her daughter approached Baron.

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