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   Chapter 948 Unreliable Mother (2)

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Baron looked at her strangely and then waved the newspaper in his hand, "do you want to read it?"

However, Debbie didn't lie at all. She said, "you look so excited. Of course I'm curious about what you saw."

"If you want to see it, just read it yourself." The man's smile was strange, but he gave her a threatening look, which confused Debbie.

It seemed that he was warning her to control her emotions while reading the newspaper.

What the hell?

However, when Debbie unfolded the newspaper, she was instantly attracted by the small piece of news on the newspaper, which was also equipped with black and white pictures, which were not very clear to be seen.

Debbie looked incredulously at the title of the huge black word. She turned to look at Baron, only to find that he was also staring at her at the moment. She could not help but curl her lips and said, "Why are you looking at me? Your eyes are about to drop. Since you don't want to read it, give it back to me."

The man's attitude was somewhat childish.

Although Debbie didn't say anything, she raised the newspaper subconsciously and put it somewhere that Baron couldn't touch.

She carefully avoided the man's somewhat childish behavior. She frowned and said discontentedly, "what are you doing? Didn't you let me read it just now? Why are you struggling now? Wait for me to finish reading it, okay?"

The title showed that Justin had a car accident, and there seemed to be some reporter's own opinions on the news. She just glanced at it, as if it was talking about the past of Justin, and the relationship between the other people in the car and him.

Baron was pissed off by that look.

He shouldn't have taken out the newspaper just now. Her eyes were glued to the newspaper, which made him feel a little upset.

Sure enough, he should beat her up.

Baron was in a huff for a long time. When he found that Debbie didn't care about him at all, he couldn't help but look at Debbie with embarrassment. He had planned to make her show

eemed that he was a little pretentious.

Debbie herself didn't know since when she had become so insecure. It must be because he had been getting better and better at flirting with other women recently!

Thinking of this, Debbie couldn't help but glare at her again.

Being stared at for no reason, Debbie felt a little helpless. "Aren't you hot? Why are you still staring at me when I open the window?"

The man's face was so close that it almost touched her face. Baron's eyes turned deep and said almost seductively, "come closer. I'll tell you."

Without any precaution, Debbie got close to Baron. Then, with a sinister smile on his face, he kissed her all of a sudden.

His goal was to kiss her red lips, but Debbie seemed to have a sudden inspiration and turned her face away. The man who had no way to move could only kiss her soft face with dissatisfaction.

Turning to look at the man who was taking advantage of her, Debbie asked, "do you have anything else to say now?

If not, you can go to hell."

Baron, on the other hand, was completely shameless as he always was. He said shamelessly, "if any man speaks to you like this in the future, don't ever come closer to him."

"What about you?" With a strange look on her face, Debbie gave him a reproachful look, as if she thought he was really despicable and shameless.

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