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   Chapter 825 Not Good

If You Want Me By Qing Cha Characters: 6079

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Consuela couldn't wait any longer, but she knew what the woman said was right. She didn't know if she would suffer losses if she rushed over now.

Facing the flashing neon lights, the confusion in Consuela's eyes became more obvious.

"Cassie, what do you think I should do now?"

What else could she do now?

Should she give up...? Should she just eliminate this man from her life bit by bit, and never have any intersection in the future?

But when she thought about it, she felt a little sad.

"What you should do now is to calm down. Come here first. We two will fight together. Don't be impulsive." Cassie took a deep breath and told her the address when she was swearing.

After the phone was hung up, Tim looked at her with a strange look and said, "Who are you giving advice to? Why do I feel it's a little strange?"

"It sounds like I've never been normal in your eyes." Cassie wiped the sweat on her forehead calmly with a cunning smile.

Tim was silent.

He took out a piece of paper from the tissue on the table and wiped the sweat on her face. He glanced at her helplessly and said meaningfully, "Something is not what we see."

"…… Do you think you can only see through your eyes when you don't know the truth? What do you think you should believe at this time? "

"Trust the heart."

What was the feeling in her heart? Then what was it?

Cassie sneered, "What if my trust has already been erased? Just like the story of a wolf coming, the villagers who have been deceived three times will no longer believe the children who like to lie. "

"Trust is true, but you can't judge a thing by following what you see with your eyes."

Cassie widened her eyes and said unhappily, "As a lobbyist, do you know something inside! Tell me the truth! "

The man pursed his lips and said, "

e should pay attention to and then left reluctantly, which made Consuela less depressed.

"You are really awesome. You have tamed him so well. Don't you see the little eyes of his just now? They are so complicated."

Consuela got goose bumps all over the floor.

"Don't make fun of me here. Think about your own business. He hasn't gone out of that restaurant since I called you."

If she didn't have a blurred vision, they should still be inside until now.

Consuela's face didn't change. "How about we go straight to look for him?"

Along the way, she had prepared for the worst.

Although she and Richie lived together in his house now, the two of them didn't say what would happen in the future. She just lived under his roof.

Therefore, there was no need for him to be responsible for her at all.

Even if she went into that restaurant and saw someone, she couldn't say anything confidently, because she had no reason at all.

"Why do we go straight to look for him? Let's wait here until they come out." Cassie shook the juice in her hand and squinted her eyes.

'Wait here until they come out...' What if she couldn't wait him?

Consuela frowned and said, "It's a bit unreliable."

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