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   Chapter 823 Being Afraid Of A Bad Man (1)

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Cassie looked at her with an unreadable expression. She pursed her lips and said nothing. The person who could say such words was like a fool, completely unaware of her own stupidity.

But what was the point of saying more? This fool was willing to do so. What she could do was to reduce the harm to her.

"Can you be much stupider?"

Following her words, Consuela sneered, "What kind of mental block do you want? I can switch them as I like. "


Cassie was so angry that she carried the porridge box to her office without looking at her.

'Forget it. One more word with this kind of idiot will piss me off. I'm still pregnant, so I can't be so angry.'

Cassie walked very fast.

It was hard for the woman behind her to catch up with her. Out of breath, Consuela shouted, "Slow down. Don't forget to protect the baby well."

She didn't know what kind of state she was now, but she was still as impulsive as when she was alone.

If her eyes didn't deceive her, the shoes she was wearing were still high-heeled shoes.

Cassie also shouted at her, "It's none of your business. You should care about your own things."

Consuela's face darkened.

But she couldn't just leave him alone like this. "Can my business be compared with yours now? Take your time. I'll stay away from you. I won't piss you off, okay? "

All of a sudden, Cassie turned around and glared at the woman behind her who didn't dare to approach her. "Get over here."

They had arrived at the office.

Looking at the woman who was opening the porridge box in a hurry, Consuela didn't interrupt her. She just shook her head slightly, as if she didn't understand how she could change so fast.

Consuela said sincerely, "Can you do me a favor? For example, a way to make him tell the truth. "

"According to your IQ, you can't be euphemistic and tortuous. Even if I give you that kind of way

o ask you whether you will call him directly or not."

If he didn't know the situation now, what would happen in the future? Then such a thing might be magnified and then be taken out to severely blame.

Consuela turned around and said, "If there are really misunderstandings in the future, let's talk about it later. I really believe him now. "

There was no point in saying more.

Cassie shook her head. This kind of excessive trust was really a headache.

Sometimes she envied Consuela, but sometimes she felt it was too tiring. It was heartbreaking for Consuela to stick to her trust alone.

"Whatever you want to do, I just hope that you won't regret your decision now. You will really be happy for it."

"……" Pursing her lips, Consuela forced a smile.

No matter what would happen in the future, she only knew that she didn't regret it now.

However, she still couldn't restrain herself for a while.

All of a sudden, Richie received some messages or phone calls. The next second, he apologized to her and said that he had something to deal with.

For example, the dishes had just been served.

With an embarrassed look at her, Richie said, "Something went wrong with the company. I can't have dinner this time."

"And then?"

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