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   Chapter 821 I Need Trust (1)

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"You haven't even tried to take a step forward. How can you be so sure that you have failed?"

Cowards were not good for love.

Those who were timid and unwilling to speak out even if there were problems could only accumulate more and more until the last time they broke out.

A volcano would erupt without any ability to restrain it.

"I'm not sure I have failed. I just know what I'm capable of, so I said something like that. Otherwise, I must be full of confidence." Unwilling to look into her eyes, Consuela gritted her teeth and forced herself to say something against her will.

She didn't know what was on her mind.

However, she really felt that she would not succeed.

Relatively speaking, she was really a person with many thoughts.

If people thought too much about a thing, they would become unusually sensitive, and the more they thought about a plan, the more cowardly they would become.

She was so coward that she didn't even want to say a word to save her, or she didn't want to take one more step out of her dark side.

"That's a horrible idea. Consuela, have you thought about it carefully? What exactly do you want?"

It was useless to worry aimlessly.

If her love for the child was just on a whim, she'd better keep a distance from the child completely. If she didn't see the child, she wouldn't feel anything.

Shaking her head helplessly, Consuela said with a mischievous smile, "I want too much. I don't know what I want now..."

It was pathetic for her to lose the ability to know what she really wanted because she wanted too much.

Cassie frowned. When she was in college, she had thought about studying psychology, but she didn't succeed later.

But she knew it clearly. When Consuela said that, her eyebrows furrowed deeper.

"Can you try to open your heart to me?"

Stunned for two seconds, Consuela asked, "What do you mean?"

"Tell me what you really want to say, so that


She shook her head.

It turned out that she was not experienced enough.

Confused, Consuela asked, "Why are you looking at me like that?"

Cassie looked at her up and down, and then shook her head helplessly and sighed. "By the way, you didn't have any sense of crisis, and there was only one thought in your mind. How could you grasp the heart of Richie?"

As a man in a high position, there were usually countless women willing to climb on his bed one after another, not to mention that such a good-looking and rich man like Richie.

Many women had imagined that they had slept with him for countless times.

Not long ago, when she was shopping on the line, she saw a pillow which Richie liked to use in it.

Cassie took a deep breath and said, "I think you are really brainless."


Consuela had a complicated expression on her face. There were so many people who said such words. She was about to doubt if she really had no brains.

But if she really didn't have a brain, how could she live such a good and healthy life?

Consuela's face darkened. "Don't talk nonsense. I'm a smart woman. I can even make others jealous."

Well, she was not willing to admit that she was brainless.

"If you are really not brainless, I'll ask you a question now."

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