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   Chapter 820 Afraid Of Failure (2)

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Although Consuela had never been a pleasant person, she had denied it many times since she came back.

Maybe it was just because of the children.

She had been abroad for several years, so she must have been thinking about domestic affairs. Otherwise, she wouldn't have appeared with such a guilty look.

"It's not that I suddenly think so. It's just that what I'm going through now is telling me that this is the truth."

Consuela shook her head, her eyes lifeless. Even the corners of her mouth, which were always raised, were pulled down unconsciously.

Now she was full of strong negative emotions. As long as she was touched by that point, there would be a lot of darkness appearing immediately.

Cassie was a little surprised. "I don't know what's wrong with you now. Consuela, what on earth have you experienced that makes you think so?"

She looked at him up and down with curiosity and then said helplessly. Even if she opened her mouth, she would only say something that was not nutritious.

Although she was a good talker, she couldn't be so embarrassed to talk to others at this time. Every word she said was like talking to herself.

After a moment's silence, Consuela said, "I feel bad to see the child lying on the bed."


Even if she felt uncomfortable, she could only endure it by herself. No one could replace her to accept any feelings.

"I think it's all my fault. That's why Lethe suffers everything. If I had..."

The person who provided the eggs was not fully responsible for the twins.

Cassie patted the woman's shoulder with disappointment, "Can you say something with reason? I really can't stand your bragging now."

"What?" Holding back her tears, Consuela raised her head to look at the unfriendly woman. Her shoulder hurt badly, but she ignored it.

Now she just wanted to hear a little comfort.

Even if it was just the chicken soup that made her groan in pain,

say anything about you. I just can't bear to see you like this."

The child was in poor health and needed to be taken good care of. What kind of ambiguous game did the two adults play?

Although she knew that Richie would not let his prey escape, after five years of training, he was so patient that no one could slander him.

No one knew how long it would take for him to pursue her.

She felt a little powerless in this kind of assist.

"Why can't I bear it?" asked Consuela, confused

She didn't realize what was wrong with her current situation and didn't realize her mistake.

"Tell me, why are you doing this with Richie?" Cassie couldn't help explaining the topic directly.

If the two of them really wanted to spend the rest of their lives with each other, they should work harder to get close to each other, not like now. Although the distance was close, everything else remained the same.

They were both grown-ups and shouldn't play the game that teenagers liked.

"But I don't think I can..."

"There is nothing that can't be done. It's just whether you want it or not."


Cassie replied so quickly and firmly that Consuela was rendered speechless. She moved her lips and finally smiled.

"How can you be so sure? What if I say I failed?"

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