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   Chapter 816 A Great Regret (1)

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If she got used to it, she might not worry about it.

But she was not used to it at all now, and she felt it was inconceivable. Lethe looked so powerful at night. How could he fall ill so easily?

It was simply impossible.

For people like her, no matter it was windy or rainy, as long as she took a shower in time, nothing would happen.

The little girl looked at Coco who was holding a basketball in one hand and didn't care about it. Finally, she couldn't help asking, "Do you know why he is like this now?"

Although he was born to be in poor health, according to the financial resources of the Ye Clan, it was also possible to know why he was so weak.

"His disease can't be cured. It was brought out with him from his mother. It is said that his mother was pregnant with a pair of twins. It took several months for the test to find out."

By that time, she had been suffering from malnutrition.

"And then?"

"Then he didn't have the ability to absorb the nutrition from his mother like the other child, and he ended up like this." Coco shook her head, trying to make it simple.

"……" Richelle was speechless, pursing her lips.

If her guess was right, she might be the member of the bastard twins who absorbed almost all the nutrition.

She did it on her own, and there was nothing wrong with her.

"Don't think too much. Auntie Cassie said that although this boy looks weak, in fact, he can live to twenty years old."

The girl's hope was completely shattered...

Twenty years old was not a long time in a life journey.

As for such an arrogant person as Lethe, would he be willing to accept such a result himself?

As soon as Consuela and Richie got the news, they rushed to the school.

When Consuela looked at the dying child, her face changed slightly. "How did it happen?"

The two of them came along with the ambulance. After she looked at the child for a few times, she was st

What's wrong with Lethe? Why is he so weak?"

Cassie raised her hand and rubbed between her eyebrows, as if she didn't know how to answer her questions, "It can't be said that there is something wrong, but his health is a little worse than normal boys..."

Tears welled up in Consuela's eyes. "And then..."

Cassie raised her hand to press the blue veins on her forehead.

"Can you stop saying like that? Can you just tell me what will happen next?"

No matter how bad it was, she was ready to accept it.

"What else can it be? He is just a little weaker than ordinary children, but it is not very obvious usually. It's just that he is a little serious when the season is changed..."

It seemed that many people had some minor diseases during the change of season.

However, it was not a small problem for the little boy. If it was not solved, it was very likely to threaten many organs, and even all kinds of organ failure.

Such a serious consequence, how dare she speak directly to Consuela? She even hid it in front of Richie.

But that man was so smart that she couldn't hide anything from him. As for Consuela, she wasn't afraid at all.

"How serious is it?" Consuela heard her voice of some rout, hoarse and lack of vitality, like an old woman speaking.

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