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   Chapter 815 Unreliable (3)

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In the school, Lethe was almost as famous as Coco.

One was because she was perfect in all aspects, and the other was because she was extremely lawless. She always meddled in everything, as long as she felt it was wrong.

When a senior student insulted a junior student, Coco rushed to him regardless of his identity.

Although she was a girl, her legs were incredibly long, even a little taller than some senior boys.

When they did morning exercises, she stood out among the crowd.

It was also because of her features that when she spoke, a group of people coaxed her away.

"Well, you are lucky, Richelle!"

"You won't be so lucky next time!"

The little girl sneered, "Well, let's wait and see."

After everyone left, the little girl picked up the ball from the ground and smiled at the person who was walking towards her. "Fortunately, you are here."

Otherwise, according to her character, she didn't know what would happen.

As soon as Coco came over, she looked at her petite body and frowned. "Do you want to learn Taekwondo with me?"

Although she didn't seem to be exercised at all, it wouldn't be very bad if she started to practice from now on.

The girl was a little surprised. "Taekwondo?"

"You can be as awesome as me!" Coco replied.

The girl was completely defeated by this sentence. She twitched the corners of her eyes, and then gritted her teeth. "Your joke is not funny at all."

"Are you kidding me? You don't have the ability to protect yourself at all. It is not good for you just to cry. I and that weak boy can't stay with you all the time."

Her identity hadn't been made public yet. Who knew who else would block her secretly?

"Let's go to take a look at Lethe first."

"Okay, but you have to think about what I just said."

Her mother had always said that girls were in a weak position most of the time, so it was necessary to learn some

e had already known something from her mother.

Her godmother was also the little girl's mother.

The little girl pursed her lips and said, "If the people of the Ye Clan comes later, my mother will come with them."

There was no need to guess too much about it.

Although she had lived with her mother for a few years, she knew that her mother still remembered Lethe.

The things prepared for her were divided into two parts. She didn't think there was anything wrong before, and she thought that her mother just thought that she would lose them because she was at a young age. It was not until she came back home that she realized that she had guessed wrong.


She didn't think everything in this family was bad.

Everyone, no matter Lethe, Uncle Richie, or Lethe's grandma, gave her a strong sense of familiarity, so she would never interfere.

The two of them couldn't do anything after seeing Lethe. They were soon forced out by the PE teacher.

Coco looked at the little girl next to her and didn't know what she was doing. She was startled and said, "Hey, don't worry. Why are your eyes red when you say that?"

"There seems to be sand in my eyes. My eyes will be red after I rub them."

The excuses were clumsy and unreliable.

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