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   Chapter 812 Don't Take Advantage Of Me

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The phone was ringing.

Richie stepped on the accelerator. The cold wind blew into the open window, which made Consuela's heart warm up. It seemed that she was happy.

"Try it on," said Richie.

He threatened.

Raising her eyebrows, Consuela smiled as if she didn't realize the threat in his mouth. "Since you've said so, I'll..."

The man's voice seemed to be the noise of the wind, which was a little noisy. "Can't you give in occasionally for me?"

He sighed, trying to make his voice sound calm and harmless, and even inexplicably revealed a little fragility and helplessness.

The more aggressive a man was, the softer his heart would be when he suddenly showed such an injured look.

It seemed that Consuela's heart was hit hard. She gritted her teeth, turned her head away and didn't say anything. She just honestly put the phone into her bag.

Having sold out his personal charm, Richie always paid attention to her from the corner of his eyes, so he didn't want to miss her little expressions and movements.

He even wanted to sing a tune to express his happiness when she put her phone into her bag.

"Why are you so obedient today?" said Richie.

Although he looked happy and arrogant, there was still a little doubt in his words.

He seemed to feel that she was abnormal now.

"I wouldn't have been obedient if there hadn't been a jealous man here." Consuela shook her head and raised her crescent eyes. The smile on her face was more lively.

Richie was pretending to drive seriously.

Unwilling to expose his hypocrisy at the moment, Consuela shook her head, leaned her head against the seat and was about to fall asleep.

On the other side.

Terence sat on the waiting chair in the hospital. There was a LCD TV playing news in front of him. Beside him, there was an old man lighting a cigarette with his trembling hands, looking like an ether

work, but she had nothing to do, so she came here to chat with him. When she saw him so dispirited, she forced herself to call Consuela.

But she didn't expect this to happen.

"I'm still at work. Can you..."

Terence looked at her with disappointment, "I don't think you are sincere at all. If you are just saying it, I hope you won't lie to me like this anymore."

She hated to be thought to have ulterior motives. Gritting her teeth, she said, "Sit here and wait for me for a while. I'll be right there."

"Okay, I'll wait for you." Terence was amused to see her leave and ask for leave to change her clothes in a hurry. After she disappeared in his sight, his eyes dimmed slightly.

What was Consuela doing now? She didn't even want to answer his phone.

The slightly tenacious phone screen was broken, but suddenly there was a call. When Terence wanted to answer it, the screen just turned black.

It seemed that it was controlled by someone.

Looking at the black screen, he felt something was wrong. If his eyes didn't deceive him, the phone number seemed to be the boss of Consuela's company.

"What are you looking at so seriously? Your phone is useless now. Don't worry. I can compensate you for a cell phone of the same price."

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