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   Chapter 810 Being Slandered (2)

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How could he slander her for no reason?

Even if he was really slandering her, he would definitely find a lot of evidences to prove that the person was guilty.

Especially for someone like Consuela who had a complicated identity.

Because if he was careless, many people behind her would be involved.

And he didn't know how many backers she had.

It was not the first time that a woman like her, who relied on her own beauty and had many big shots, would pretend to be weak in front of men but arrogant in front of strangers.

They were the most disdainful.

Crossing his arms over his chest, Richie said, "Since you didn't slander her, let me see the so-called evidences and let me know the so-called reason."

The boss smiled. "I'll find it for you right now."

However, at this time, Richie's attention was not on him at all. Instead, he looked at the woman who came to complain and sneered, "I really don't know that there are still many hidden talents in your company."

Consuela didn't understand what he meant. She turned around and glanced at him. Coincidentally, the man withdrew his gaze and looked at her again. He grinned and said, "I'm praising you."

"……" Consuela grinned at him.

She really wanted to beat him up.

However, he didn't seem to be able to make any mistake in his words.

"Mr. Richie, how can there be any hidden talents in my small company... Well, isn't Miss Consuela an outstanding woman? Ha-ha... " The boss smiled awkwardly.

The woman behind him, whose hands were blocked by her sleeves, clenched her hands into fists.

What was so good about her, Consuela! It was just that she was good with men. She was coquettish enough. Nothing else could compare with her? Or any other woman in the company!

However, it was such a bitch who had accepted countless enviable people, but she could only be jealous in the corner.

If it weren't

oss grabbed the woman who had snitched on him and put her in front of Consuela. She lowered her head almost to her neck.

The woman apologized in a low voice, "I'm sorry... I'm really sorry, Consuela, Please forgive me... I will never be so stupid again... "

With a heavy nasal voice, it was difficult to tell what she meant, but they could only think in this way.

Or was it because she was good that these things disappeared? Consuela really thought it was the opposite.

With a smile, Consuela looked at the boss and said, "Obviously, it's the wrong thing that you two did together. Why should she bear the consequences alone? It doesn't seem reasonable, does it? "

Since he didn't want to play tricks on those things, she couldn't just let him go. No matter what he said, she just felt that such a person couldn't be easily let go.

Otherwise, more people might be suffered in the future.

The boss was already annoyed by Consuela's words. Hearing that, he couldn't help but get angry. "Ha-ha, Consuela, don't forget who you are now!"

His tone was a little harsh.

He was reminding her that no matter what kind of personal feud she had, she couldn't forget that she was a member of this company now and he couldn't be humiliated like this.

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