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   Chapter 809 Being Slandered (1)

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She knew exactly what she was talking about.

And it was absolutely not nonsense.

Raising her eyebrows, Consuela asked, "Are the so-called evidences just these boring chatting records? Or these suspected threats? "


The two of them looked at each other, which made Consuela realize that the two of them had no other choice.

If she came here to accuse and make him believe her just with such useless things, Consuela had to doubt if this woman had multiple personalities.

She pretended to be so weak in front of him, but in fact, she was very rational when she spoke normally.

She could even slander her.

"If you only have these evidences, I'm sorry. I won't believe them." Consuela turned around and was about to leave, but then she turned her head back with a smile and said, "It's disgusting to see you misunderstand and slander me like this."


The boss's face darkened, and the woman who played the role of fragile lowered her head and did not speak.

"Consuela, why are you in such a hurry to leave? Do you have to go out to call for help if you don't win? You can't get out of here without an explanation! "

The one who had a red face had always been the boss, but the woman who complained had always been very calm. She just shrugged her shoulders, showing that she was incomparably fragile.

"Boss, be careful when you speak. Don't frighten this fragile woman to cry again."

It was absolutely ironic.

The boss's face turned blue and pale, and after a long time, it finally dissipated.

"Consuela, no matter how you lie, these evidences can't be changed."

"I'm sorry. Even I can fake the same chat log. And the group chat log is just a threat."

But she hadn't told him her most serious mistake.

She didn't know whether it was a mistake or there were really no evidences.

"Ha-ha, you're right. I'm about to show you the evidences o

ch made her feel disgusted.

Consuela snorted and didn't say anything. She just wanted to see how the idiot would continue.

It was easy for him to say that. He just wanted to wash away his sin and push the little lamb out.

Maybe he had already made such a complete plan from the beginning. Even if he couldn't make her lose her job completely, he would never let himself get involved.

However, Richie said politely, "Why are you so nervous? I've always been on the side of Justice. If you really have evidences to prove that she plagiarized your works, I won't cover her up."

The boss raised his hand and waved it. The scorching air made him a little breathless, but Richie seemed to be unable to understand his eyes and kept approaching.

"Why are you so afraid? Did you really do something wrong?" continued Richie. Are you really slandering her? "

His tone was as relaxed as an old friend who was bathing in the sun and having an afternoon tea with his old friend. However, the way he looked at the man was not very kind.

As if he wanted to see him through.

The boss stepped back, and behind him was a rotating chair. It was knocked back by his huge body and turned over. He wiped the sweat on his forehead and said, "How could it be?"

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