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   Chapter 808 Boss Is A Fool (2)

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He must have no idea what kind of person she was.

Otherwise, how could he have any other emotions except disgust for this kind of woman.

The fat boss thought for a while.

He thought his guess was right.

He could call Mr. Richie over secretly and let him see the woman's true face.

"Is it a threat to talk to someone? Is it a threat that you shout at me like that, boss?

The fat boss was rendered speechless. He gritted his teeth and said, "... You... Do you think it's the same? "

It was not the same thing at all.

He was filled with righteous indignation, but what she said was a threat. It was not the same. How could she have the face to speak? Shame on her.

Consuela had no choice but to raise her hand and tweak her ear. "Yes, you feel right whatever you say now, and what I say is bullshit."

It was reasonable, but it was not good to be spoken out.

The fat boss glared at Consuela, and then asked the woman to sit on the sofa.

Being questioned all the time, Consuela, who didn't get a chance to sit down, was a little dissatisfied. "Why can she sit down as soon as she comes in?"

"Consuela, do you know who you are now?"

She was interrogated and waiting for the judgment.

She knew it so clearly.

She really wanted to hit his head against the wall.

"I know who I am, but I don't think our boss should treat me differently. And you discriminate against me because no one can guarantee what will happen later. "

Well, no one could guarantee what would happen later.

When he got the evidences out, he would let this woman be slapped hard on the face, so that she would not be so arrogant now. After all, it was better to keep a low profile.

The two of them were a little close to each other.

Raising the corners of her mouth, Consuela approached the woman on purpose. Although the woman seemed a little scared, she didn't step back.

It seemed that he was w

want to expose her to the public and let others know what you have done to her?"

With a pitiful look at him, Consuela said, "I really doubt how you got this position."

He was so stupid that the company would go bankrupt in minutes.

"It's none of your business. I have plenty of money anyway." The boss had a big belly and looked arrogant. But in an instant, his face changed. "Don't talk nonsense. Can you make an apology as soon as possible?"

'Make an apology and compensate for the loss. Then go back home.'

But he wouldn't dare to hire such an employee.

"Well, now that she said that the police station would expose too much of her information for the sake of investigation, but she exposed everything to you just because she believed you?"

The boss was choked and replied in a daze, "Or what?"

Did she think he looked like someone who could be vented her anger?

"Ha-ha, it's all because of your low intelligence that you don't need to worry about being exposed when she talks to you. Moreover, you don't like me, so she just follow everyone's mood and ruin my reputation directly."

And she was so vicious that she wanted to make her unable to stay in this circle anymore.

The boss said, "Consuela, don't you know what you are talking about?"

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