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   Chapter 804 Younger Than Women

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Obviously, these were sweet words.

Debbie had no choice but to face the ridicule in his eyes. She gritted her teeth and said, "Times has changed. Can't the former master of love retreat to the second tier?"

Retired to the second tier?

Baron was suspicious of her ability. She seemed to be on the three tier.

She looked like a new comer.

"You sound like a rookie when you talk." Baron always spoke in this way, which was harmful to others but not to himself.

Hearing this, Debbie was about to spit out a mouthful of blood, but she could not refute. After all, before she met Baron, her emotional experience was quite vacant.

As for this guy, although there were few rumors about him, his pursuers were as many as sand.

"If you argue with me again, I promise you won't be able to leave the kitchen today!" And she wouldn't be able to see the sun tomorrow!

However, her threat sounded like a joke to him. Baron glanced at her lightly and said, "What are you going to do to make me unable to get out of here?"

"Physical damage."

"Why don't you use the hormone burst and die from too much sex?"


In the end, Debbie couldn't help but leave the kitchen first. Her indifferent look was somewhat funny in Baron's eyes.

After the curry rice was ready, Debbie found the fragrance and sat on the table. She looked expectant, just like a primary school student waiting for the teacher's lesson.

Baron teased her deliberately, "Give me a reward first before the meal."

"… What reward? " The excitement on Debbie's face faded. She narrowed her eyes and looked at him warily.

No bad idea!

"What bad ideas can I have for you? Now I have a choice for you. Just a kiss..."

Before he could finish his words, the woman who wanted to end the battle as soon as possible had stood on tiptoe and kissed him directly. After kissing, she even raised her hand to wipe her mouth.

She gave him a light kiss o

as they made themselves happy, they would not be afraid of anything.

This was also the most frightening thing.

"If it can't be covered..." Consuela was choked by her words. Then she said, "You need to be brave. Don't be too afraid in the face of a bad life."

With a cold face, Debbie said, "Oh, you can get out now."

What was she talking?

The two of them parted in discord.

Being warned by Consuela, Debbie looked very calm when she read the crazy news on the Internet, no matter what others said to satirize her.

After all, no matter what others said, they couldn't change the fact that the one they missed was lying beside her.

She turned around and saw Baron's long eyelashes trembling with discomfort, and his pink lips pursed slightly. His hands rose from the air and then slowly moved down as if he was looking for something.

Debbie felt narcissistic. In fact, he just wanted to hug her and sleep with her. Without her company, he might not be able to sleep at ease.

But she couldn't say no to such a good man who was suddenly loved by countless women.

"What a disaster!" Looking at his face, which didn't change at all even if he had a sleep, Debbie felt disgusted and envious.

His face was much tenderer than a woman's, but his temper was not tender.

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