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   Chapter 803 A Master In Love (3)

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If it weren't for the pain in her conscience, she really wanted to knock him out and take him to various appointment. She didn't ask for anything but to take him to dinner.

The man laughed and said, "You knew how to be jealous at that time. I really underestimated your EQ."

"Hey, hey, don't discriminate against my EQ like this. I used to be a master of love, and almost no one disagreed with me. "

Feeling as if she had been despised, Debbie immediately tried to make a scene for herself. She looked so serious as if she was the one who saw her favorite food.

"All right, you are a master of love. It's time to get off the car." Baron smiled perfunctorily and parked the car steadily. Then he looked at Debbie and said.

They got to the place.

The two of them went in and bought the materials for curry rice. In front of the line was a young couple. The two of them quarreled for some reason, and their faces were red.

Debbie wanted to hear what the two were talking about, but she was pulled into Baron's arms and said, "You should be a paparazzo, and an actress shouldn't be as curious as you are."

But the paparazzi were different.

Debbie frowned and her attention was completely diverted. "Are you kidding me? I don't want to be involved in those scandals to support myself."

Baron held her in his arms and smiled, "Yes, yes."

As the two were glued to each other, the young couple in front of them suddenly exploded. The black long straight haired girl suddenly pointed at Baron and said to the young man, "If only you were as half good as he is, I would promise you anything, but you are not good at all. Why do you force me?"

The young man's attitude was a little cold. "Can you stop being crazy in public?"

The girl became more extreme. She pushed the man away and said, "You're talking nonsense. If you want to be with that bitch, just say it. Is it necessary to follow me so reluctantly?"

"I've told you many times that

ng in your business. Why do you care so much about others' business?"


Suddenly, she felt that she was cured by his words.

"Humph, don't think that I will be happy if you say so." She turned her head and said one thing but meant another.

Baron said, "Well, you are not happy at all."

"……" Baron hummed a tune in his heart, but he didn't show it on his face.

In the kitchen.

Debbie was studying the menu, while the man beside her was dealing with the materials. His action was fast and his attitude was serious. Debbie looked at him and then looked away.

Sure enough, it was more comfortable to see him then the menu.

She didn't want to study the menu at all.

When Baron turned his head to take the chopsticks, he suddenly looked into Debbie's eyes and asked, "Why are you looking at me?"

Without noticing it, Debbie blurted out, "Because you are so handsome."

When she came to her senses and realized that she had said such a shameful answer, she was already like a cooked duck, and her face was scarlet red.

Debbie said, "Don't listen to my nonsense. I was lying to you."

Feeling a little funny, Baron just nodded his head and said with some regret, "Didn't you say that you were a master of love before? How could you be like this after you say such sweet words?"

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