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   Chapter 802 A Master In Love (2)

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Baron whistled.

When she was about to leave after paying the bill, the waitress suddenly blinked and said, "Mr.... Baron? "

Debbie was stunned for two seconds and winked at him, "Hey, hey, I tell you to keep a low profile. Now that you're recognized, I'll see how you reply!"

She didn't say the rest, but it was obvious that what she meant.

Seeing the silent interaction between the two, the waitress suddenly understood something. She immediately turned to Debbie and asked, "Are you..."

The waitress thought to herself, 'Oh my God!' What did she see! She was Baron's wife, and his wife, whom he hid secretly from any paparazzi!

Debbie had also been exposed. If she didn't save herself now, she wouldn't be able to be saved by this person who tricked her.

"I'm sorry. I think you must have mistaken him for someone else. My friend likes Baron so much that he went abroad to have a plastic surgery. Now he is very happy every day."

The waitress was a little confused, "What?"

It seemed that she didn't expect this to happen.

Debbie still talked nonsense seriously, "Well, don't be sad. That's the reality. Look at his bright smile. You don't know how happy he is when people say that he looks like Baron."

Baron did smile.

He was amused by his clumsy acting.

Debbie winked at him, indicating that she could giggle a little more so that she could add some chicken drumsticks to him when she went home.

Although Baron didn't cooperate more foolishly, the waitress was obviously a little disappointed.

In her impression, except for acting, Baron's expression would not change too much, so it should not be the case when he smiled like a fool now.

The waitress was a little reluctant to leave, "But he is really like Baron..."

Debbie kicked the man hard with her foot under the table. 'It seemed to be your brainless fan. What should I do? Let me call you brother now.'

The man kicked her back careles

panic, there would be many people who would like to invite him to dinner and even willing to pay for it.

Baron said, "You are so awesome. Remember to ask someone to give us a discount when we go to the supermarket later."

They also needed to buy materials for curry. There was a comprehensive supermarket not far away from their residence, selling everything. So people could buy whatever they want as long as they had money.

With a black face, Debbie said, "Don't make fun of me. It doesn't work in front of a group of women."

"Then what were you talking about just now?"

"I was wrong."

"Good girl."

She suddenly had an illusion that she was tamed! Shit!

Debbie said, "But there is one thing. I really feel a little ashamed of myself."

"Oh? Such as...? " Baron asked curiously.

In front of him, this person had always been extremely thick skinned. It was a miracle that one day she was willing to admit that she was inferior to others.

"You are indeed very charming. When I was your assistant and helped you manage your Twitter, I saw many big shots want to have a meal with you. They said they could offer you a high price."

At that time, as a poor person, she didn't consider how high price Baron was, but thought that the money was so easy for him to make.

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