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   Chapter 780 It's My Turn To Teach Him A Lesson

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Ten years had passed without any changes.

It seemed that when he met Debbie, he would become unusually restless, even if there was not much expression on his face.

But his temperament would change.

Baron pressed his lips and sped up.

When he was filming just now, he saw the woman walking backward. He thought she would come back soon, but he forgot her because he was watched too much.

He felt a little guilty.

"Bang -"

The sound of glass breaking, heavy objects falling on the ground, and all kinds of slaps came closer and closer.

Baron's face suddenly turned pale. He had been looking for her for a long time. Was she...


Debbie had learned a few moves of martial arts when she was a child, but it was not enough to show them.

Therefore, in the face of this beast inferior man, her most powerful should be to act shamelessly. She smashed the things in the dressing room on the man's body desperately.

If there was only one person, she might not be a match for him. However, although the two of them were both women, they were not at a disadvantage.

So when Baron nervously pushed the door open, he saw two women tie a man to a shelf aside together.

The make-up artist faced the door and saw Baron first. Her face was badly slapped just now, and her mouth was painful when she spoke. So she raised her hand and pushed the unconscious Debbie.

"What's wrong?"

The make-up artist pointed to the person behind her.

The man tied up by them twisted crazily, as if he had seen the Savior. Debbie kicked him hard and said, "Behave yourself."

Today, she had to report him to the police. No matter who came now, it would not work.

The man stared at her with resentment. When he was about to speak, he was stuffed a duster cloth into his mouth. His expression became more like he was forced to swallow one hundred flies.

It was disgusting, but it really made people feel better.

Debbie smiled. When she turned around and saw Baron striding towards her, she was pulled int

gave an explanation.

"You can explain it now."


"It's useless to wink at me. Tell me now." The man's face turned cold.

The battle failed. Debbie looked at the man dejectedly, "..."

Baron rolled up his annoying sleeves, with a glimmer of light in his eyes, "Since you don't want to tell me, I'll let him do it..."

It was wrong for a public figure to hit someone, not to mention when Baron lost many women fans!

Debbie immediately wrapped her arms around the man's waist, which made Baron's face darken, but the man behind her who was blocked looked better.

The director who had just locked the door was curious. "What's wrong with you? Are you playing the role upside down?"

Playing the role?

Debbie's eyes were filled with horror. They didn't seem to be playing at all!

She was a mature girl who was rescuing a man who looked extremely irritable!

She smiled and didn't reply. She held the man's waist tightly with all her strength. "Don't be impulsive. Didn't you see it just now? We didn't suffer any grievance and beat him all over."

So he should be calm.

Baron said calmly, "That's the lesson you taught him. Now it's my turn to teach this scumbag a lesson."

If she ignored the fierce look in his eyes and what he said, she might think that he just saw an old friend and wanted to say hello to him.

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