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   Chapter 779 Double Faced (2)

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In today's society, the most unbearable thing was that when someone was talking nonsense seriously, suddenly an insignificant topic was inserted, which successfully stop him or her from talking nonsense.

Baron was stunned for five seconds before he managed to put on a not too bad expression. He forced a smile and said, "You really don't understand amorous feelings at all."

Debbie spread out her hands and said, "I also want to have a taste of amorous feelings, but it doesn't agree with my physiological needs."


Baron, who had nothing to say to retort, was silent for a while. Suddenly, he looked at her and smiled again. His smile was so charming that it completely overturned the role he played now.

When Debbie was about to remind her, he suddenly opened his thin lips and said, "If you want to go to the bathroom, go find it yourself. None of them will talk to you."

As soon as his eyes moved, others knew what he meant. They all looked up at the sky, or looked into the distance, unwilling to look at her. Debbie was silent for a while, then she stood up and left.

She didn't believe that she couldn't find the toilet without others leading the way.

Besides, the toilet might be temporarily built in such a remote place. If so, she could dig a hole by herself.

She just needed some courage, otherwise she really couldn't bear to do such a thing, let alone in broad daylight.

'Baron, you are so cruel!'

Debbie walked in the grass, gnashing her teeth.

After she went to the bathroom with great difficulty and came back along the road, the scene that belonged to Baron had begun.

She stood behind the crowd and looked at the man standing not far away, whose aura had completely changed.

At this moment, Baron was in a match with the hero. They were an inexperienced young master from a prominent family and a young man who was eager to explore the world of martial arts.

The two of them knew each other well. In the market, the hero was mistakenly regarded as a thief, and the young master from a prominent family just took adva

paid attention to whether they were appropriate or not.

In fact, Debbie admired the director for her recklessness. But she didn't expect that the director would make a mistake to pick such a scum.

The make-up artist whose hair was grabbed recognized her as soon as she heard Debbie's voice. "Miss, you..."

Regardless of what would happen, Debbie rushed over and said, "Don't worry about that I'll hit the headlines tomorrow or not. Such a bastard should be beaten first!"

"Well, you are not timid."

The set of Baron's play came to an end. It was a film with a tight schedule. He didn't need to appear for many times, and it was easy for him to pass the show, so the director directly asked him to shoot all the scenes first.

However, as soon as he finished shooting the scene, Baron looked around, causing many people to whisper. Perhaps he didn't find the person he wanted to find, he frowned fiercely.

The director watched all the scenes he had just shot. When he was satisfied, he came over and said, "Are you worried about the little girl just now? She seemed to go back after going to the bathroom. You..."

Before the director could finish her words, the man had already walked back. Wearing an ancient suit, he should have been gentle as a jade, but he was forcibly treated as the opposite boss with a huge aura.

"Well, well, well. Such a temperament."

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