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   Chapter 778 Double Faced (1)

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Debbie ignored him and pushed him outside.

Being late was not a good habit, especially now when she wanted to study hard, she had to work harder.

However, in Baron's eyes, she seemed to be silly.

But she was so cute.

When Baron was dragged away to fix the make-up, Debbie stood aside relaxed and made a joke with the staff who was holding something.

"It doesn't seem to be allowed to visit in this play. How did you come in?"

"… Ha-ha, I came here through the back door. Don't tell anyone. I'm afraid that his fans will throw stinky eggs at me."

"… Well, I got it."

It seemed that the only one who came in just now was baron. She went through the back door? Was she a relative or friend of Baron? He had to get along well with her.

Debbie, who didn't know that she had been treated as an important person, was secretly watching the performance not far away.

The logistics staff noticed that she was watching carefully, so he asked, "Are you a reporter coming to get the news?"

Not long ago, the director drove away a high-end reporter who sneaked into the film set, and even issued a statement of accusation. At last, the company behind the reporter was under great pressure to mediate, so that the news was not spread out.

No matter how powerful the suppression of the two sides was, there were still many people who knew about it. Now, no one was willing to get into the matter, but if they did, it would be enviable.

Debbie shook her hand and directly denied, "How could it be possible? With my observation, it's impossible for me to do it in another one hundred years."

Although it sounded like a blow to her, it was in line with her expression.

The staff nodded and suddenly smiled, "Well, you should also be careful. There is a big star here."

It seemed that he was talking about something.

A big star? Was he more famous than Baron?

Debbie frowned, but before she could respond, the staff turned on the light an

hat do you mean?" Debbie was confused.

What could she know?

"Why are you so confident?"


"They don't want to see me, and why do they keep staring at you?"


"Or do you think there is anything worth gossiping about?"

"……" Debbie covered her heart and suddenly felt a great pain, as if she had been stabbed dozens of times.

Baron concluded, "So people still need to have a little self-knowledge."

"……" Debbie was speechless. She lowered her head and grabbed the lemonade the director had prepared for her.

Seeing the depressed look on her face, Baron said, "You don't have to be so depressed. Maybe someone will be curious about you."

Well, it's really annoying to pretend to be a liar!

Debbie opened her eyes wide, but her sight was blocked by the peaked cap, so the man didn't notice her anger.

She really wanted to fight with him for three hundred rounds, but because of the restriction of the venue, she could only endure it to the end. And Baron, who didn't care about others, actually didn't give her a step down.

"If you feel ashamed, you'd better study hard. From now on, when you sit next to me, others will not think whether the person sitting next to me wants to hype, but will write your name together with mine."

"Oh, I want to go to the bathroom."

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