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   Chapter 777 I Won't Spare You (3)

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Well, he was considerate!

'If you dare to deny that you are not here to give him a good image, I will never believe it!'

Baron was not considerate at all! He was the kind of person who only wanted others to do what they thought. He was not considerate at all, and sometimes his words were super vicious!

If there weren't so many people here, she would have laughed wildly.

"In fact, I'm a little familiar with him. I really haven't found out anything considerate about him. Do you think we are talking about the same person?"

Otherwise, she would want to laugh so much when she used these words on Baron?

When the director was about to answer, Baron, who had already given some instructions, suddenly stood up and walked over, tilting his head with curiosity.

"Why are you so excited?"

Debbie rolled her eyes. She didn't let him notice it because she was wearing a pair of sunglasses. She liked to show disdain for others secretly, but they didn't know it.

Debbie stretched herself and said, "Nothing. I was just thinking that you had a great time in college. I was wondering if it was you."

She was almost fully covered now, and her favorite actress had left. She was not afraid of her image at all.

"Well, don't listen to her nonsense. In fact, many of them are rumors, not as interesting as they said." Baron put away the script and coughed. He seemed to have thought of something and his eyes were hiding.

Debbie covered her mouth and said, "Oh my God, you really did something wrong to me?"

The director smiled ambiguously at the two.

"You two talk first. I'll go out to check the progress."


"…… Bye. "

After they left, Debbie took away the sunglasses. The man squinted at her and said, "If you have anything to ask me, you can ask me now, when I'm in a good mood."

"You will answer whatever I ask?"

"It's okay if you don't make trouble out of nothing."

"Well, tell

me something?"

She felt as if she had jumped into another trap, and a big wolf in sheep's clothing was revealing its tusks, trying to bite off its prey's neck.

Baron said, "If you take the initiative to kiss me, I will forgive you."

He even bent down considerately and leaned over with his fair face, so that she could kiss him more easily.

Debbie kept silent. Such a scheming man should be caught.

She raised her hand and touched his silky skin. After being jealous for a while, she gritted her teeth and said, "Why are you so shameless?"

She hadn't seen such a shameless person like him for a long time. Now when she saw him, she felt a little strange.

What a strange idea.

The right thing was to beat him to death as soon as possible.

Baron was quite open-minded this time. "I can also be more shameless. Do you want to have a try?"


However, this kind of democratic faction should disappear!

"Hey, hey, you two, can you come out first? It's almost the shooting time. You should go and make up first. " The director's voice came through all of a sudden. It seemed that he had heard something and looked a little embarrassed.

Baron looked at the woman with some regret, "Okay."

He turned around and whispered, "I won't spare you next time."

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