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   Chapter 775 I Won't Spare You (1)

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Baron's moral quality was always negative in her eyes. When she was asked in reply, she had an answer in her heart.

"No matter what you say, you can't prove yourself innocent. Just accept your fate."

"The two people should be complementary to each other when they are together. You are already innocent enough, and I'll take the lead of you if I'm innocent enough."


The words, which should have been warm, inexplicably had other meanings.

When the dishes were ready and placed on the table, Debbie cooperated very well. She was so obsequious that it seemed that she was trying to please him.

Sure enough, when he filled the bowl with food, Debbie directly came over with her own script. "Mr. Baron, could you please help me check this book?"

She spent a lot of money buying the book on acting skills.

Baron glanced at her and said, "Come and have dinner first."

"Can you..."

"Let's eat first."


Thinking that she had to ask him for help, Debbie became very timid. She put the kraft paper wrapped thing aside obediently and sat down upright.

"Sit here." Baron raised his eyebrows when he saw the woman was two seats away from him.


Baron liked to keep silent during meals. If she said more, it would make him feel unhappier.

She could only stare at him with pitiful eyes in silence, but Baron didn't be moved at all. He even scooped up half a bowl of soup for her in an extremely calm manner.

"It's good for your health. Drink more."

"Okay..." Debbie took a deep breath and took a sip. It was so hot that her mouth began to tingle.

"Gee." Baron said helplessly, "Go and bring me your things. I'll check it for you."

He was afraid that the woman wouldn't be able to have dinner in peace.

It was so hot that she didn't even know to say a word. He was really feeling a headache.

All of a sudden, Debbie burst into laughter. She opened her numb mouth and said quickly, "Okay, okay."

She didn't seem to be so

and call the hero and heroine to come over. Let them see the predecessor and ask him for advice."

"Okay, okay, I'll call them right now." When the scriptwriter left, Debbie was about to take advantage of the opportunity to rush inside, but she was stopped by the director.

She really wanted to curse these two forgetful people.

Debbie curled her lips and looked helpless. She didn't expect things to be like this at the beginning.

It seemed that as soon as Baron appeared, he was flattered. Even if the director was a popular actress, she was a little submissive.

"Baron, would you like something to drink? It's too remote here. There's nothing good. Do you want to... "

Baron flipped through the script book and said calmly, "Whatever. Just give her a glass of lemonade."

"Okay... What? She? "

Being ignored completely, Debbie coughed. "I think he should be talking about me. Thank you. "

The director, who was called a college classmate by Baron, turned to look at her. After looking at her up and down for a while, she found that her impression of her was basically empty.

She didn't look like a socialite, nor did she look like a socialite. But the person Baron cared about couldn't be a nobody.

Was it the person who caused Baron to fall out with the agency? That would be terrible.

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