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   Chapter 773 Caution (2)

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"I have a clear distinction between rewards and punishments. It's always my way of doing things." Baron said in a cold voice.


Obviously, the man knew where the crew was. Without waiting for the instruction, he directly walked over, and his attitude quietly changed.

But he looked so domineering that Consuela couldn't stand it.

When they were about to reach the film set, the man suddenly stopped, and the aura around him slowly decreased.

"You go first."

"What? Why? "

Consuela didn't expect that the man would walk up to Debbie and teach her well.

There seemed to be something wrong with the current situation.

The man's face turned red with suspicion. "It's okay. Why are you talking so much nonsense?"


Consuela decided to keep silent.

"Do you really want me to take her out?"

"No, of course not."

"Then why don't you go there quickly?"


It turned out that they were having a quarrel. Were they just bluffing her? 'Shit. The two of them are flirting, and I'm the cannon fodder alone.'

Consuela left very quickly, but her smile was getting bigger and bigger. Occasionally, she turned her head and saw the man who had been standing there, unwilling to leave.

When she turned around, she wanted to titter.

What an interesting couple!

One wanted to improve herself so that she could match up to him. The other didn't agree, but was willing to endure for the sake of the other.

This kind of silent protection was actually the most touching.

When she was about to get there, the man's voice suddenly came from behind, "Wait, bring this to her."

The man gave her a box of chocolate with foreign words. It was well packed and looked familiar. It seemed to be a brand that Debbie often ate.

Before Consuela couldn't think more, the man left. Just as she was wondering, she was suddenly held in her arms. Debbie said in a frustrated voice.

"Consuela, I'm not sure... Many peop

wanted to develop her habits, so that she could not forget him in the future, and could not get used to leaving.

If it didn't work now, the future implementation would be a bit confusing.

Debbie was held inside. "How could I not miss you? I miss you every day. I know you will worry about me, so I ate more..."

The light was on.

She raised her head and looked down at the man. Her lips almost pressed on the man's chin.

The woman walked aside shyly, but was held into the man's arms again. "Why are you running? We have been married for so long, shouldn't you be more enthusiastic to respond?"

Debbie pulled her hand away, curled her lips and said disdainfully, "Do you think everyone is as shameless as you?"

"I think if you become a little dissolute, I will like you more." Baron started to talk nonsense seriously.

Her words were a little embarrassing, but because her voice was too calm, she lost some other feelings.

The woman rolled her eyes and said, "Then I'd better not make you be too fond of me."

She sat directly on the sofa, as lazy as a fish being caught ashore. Lying on the bed, she didn't want to move any more.

"Even if you are like this now, I still like it." Baron turned his head, "What are you going to eat tonight? I bought some food when I came back."

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