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   Chapter 772 Caution (1)

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When Consuela received the phone call, she was preparing lunch for themselves.

"Okay, I'll be right there."

The little girl was sitting on a low stool and decorating it with flowers. Upon hearing her words, she immediately jumped up from the stool. Her wobbling appearance made Consuela a little worried.

"Mom, where are you going?"

The way she worried her mother made Consuela want to laugh.

"Go get your Uncle Terence back."

At the bar.

Sitting next to the stage, Kate sighed and turned to Terence when he saw Consuela come in. "What a disappointing person. He even has a connection with her."

On that day, she had seen it clearly and could tell what the relationship between them was.

Terence frowned and turned around, "Yes..."

Consuela walked in, feeling curious. Then she looked at the girl beside her and greeted, "Hello..."

"You must be Consuela. I called you just now. Well, please help this drunkard." Kate looked at his face boldly and teased him.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome."

The two of them chatted awkwardly.

After taking the man back, Consuela suddenly realized that the girl seemed to have an inexplicable enmity towards her, which impressed her a lot.

Looking at the man who was dragged on the sofa by her, she suddenly chuckled. She should have stopped the girl just now and explained her relationship with him to her.

Otherwise, it would be bad if she really blocked the love affair.

Seeing the change of expression on her face, the little girl sitting next to her immediately sat up and asked, "Mom, what are you laughing at? What interesting thing did you encounter?"

Shaking her head, Consuela said, "I'm not interested in anything. I'm just happy for your Uncle Terence."

After tucking him in, she left with the little girl in her arms.

"Consuela, I've found a chance to audition. Would you like to go with me?"


"Just this afternoon."

"…… Okay. "

After hanging up the phone, Consuela went to th

dirty, then she should not take the wrong path.

"She just wants to walk step by step. She really works hard. Can you..."

Hearing the voice, Baron turned to look at her, but his eyes were hard to see through the sunglasses. "You are so noisy."

"……" She was disliked inexplicably.

Baron opened the lid of the cola bottle, and the bubbles rushed out first. The air was so much that it wet his white hands but he didn't show any panic.

"Did I say that I would stop her from choosing what she likes? Since she is willing to do this, as her husband, I should support her more when I ensure her safety. "

His voice was indifferent, as if he felt that there was nothing wrong with it.

"I didn't expect that..."


"How could you be so open-minded?"

She thought this man would be as arbitrary as Richie. It was true that one couldn't only look at the appearance. Both she and Debbie had guessed wrong.

It was really worth celebrating and sighing.

In the future, Debbie could do what she wanted to do openly. She didn't need to get up at midnight to listen to the recording video class in order to cover up her identity.

Before she could stop the excitement, the man poured cold water on her again. "Yes, it's one thing that I agree. But it's another thing for her to do something behind my back."

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