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   Chapter 770 Can We Have A Talk (1)

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Terence laughed.

"What else do you have in your mind except eating? Don't you even think about Uncle Terence? "

Then every time he came here, he would bring food to her. It seemed to be a very wrong decision. He should take her to play around.

But he didn't dare to do that now.

Since she had the accident, he had been more careful to the little girl, as if he had firmly believed that it was his fault.

"Uncle Terence is the best man in my mind except eating. I know everything!" The little girl promised with a sincere smile on her face.

Terence turned his head and said, "Well, I really can't do anything to you."

The little girl also turned her head and smiled, "Uncle Terence is so kind that I dare to be so unscrupulous in front of him..."


The man felt helpless.

However, the golden retriever was still enthusiastically pouncing on the person. It didn't scream and just stuck out its tongue to lick the person. Looking at its enthusiastic appearance, Consuela was a little scared.

In the end, Consuela stopped them from being intimate.

Terence sat on the sofa, holding a cup of tea that was made for him. He looked a little unhappy, "What are you going to do recently? I've heard about your work... But I didn't expect him to make troubles to you... "

Of course, Terence knew what happened to Consuela on her work. After all, he had arranged the job for her. But when he heard that she was being in difficulty, he wanted her to come to him for help voluntarily.

But she didn't expect that Richie would give her a hand in the end.

He began to regret.

Leaning against the sofa lazily, Consuela said with a cup of brown sugar water in her hand, "It's none of your business. It's just that I'm not a person who can change my mind easily. If I am a good talker, maybe these things wouldn't happen."

What she said was normal, but in Terence's ears, it was a different feeling.

He looked at the woman up and down, but didn't see any expr

a low voice, "Mom... Don't be sad... "

She had seen everything just now, but she couldn't adjust her mood. She could only give such a slight comfort.

She didn't know if she could make her mother feel better.

"Richelle, you are wrong. Mom is not the saddest person now."

But Terence, who had been trapped in the small world, should lead a worse life than her, suffering from mental suffering.

"Both Mom and Uncle Terence feel bad, but I can't comfort Uncle Terence, so I have to comfort Mom..."

'So, Mom, don't be sad any more. I feel bad too.'

"Good girl, Richelle," said Consuela.

Terence, who walked out of the house, was a little depressed. He didn't drive but took a walk nearby.

He and Consuela picked this place together. At that time, the scenery here was good, but now he felt it was not enough.

Perhaps it was because his mood had undergone a tremendous change.

The breeze seemed to be full of restlessness.

Suddenly, a surprised scream came from behind, "Hey, why are you here?"

Terence ignored her. He could guess who she was from her chirping voice.

The woman was unwilling to be ignored like this. She raised her hand and patted the back of the man. "Why don't you speak? Are you deaf all of a sudden?"

"Are you out of your mind? Can't you see other people's faces?"

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