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   Chapter 768 Create Difficulties (4)

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It seemed that he had confessed his love to her, but Consuela could only pretend that she didn't understand.

She felt that she was so humble. Although she accepted his kindness, she had been refusing him at the critical moment.

It was like when she took advantage of others, she was very happy, but in other ways, she became extremely snobbish.

"Is it really worth it?" In the empty iron room, Consuela lowered her head, with only her feet in sight.

He stood up for her in this way, and in the end, he could get nothing. At most, he tied the two of them together, so that they could be laughed at by others.

"I'm sorry. I don't know what is meaningful and worthwhile in your eyes. I'm eager for quick success and instant benefit. I like to do what I want to do."

And he could get a lot of benefits.

Consuela said, "You..."

She couldn't say a word about this man's current appearance. She wanted to criticize him, but she was not qualified. She wanted to admit it, but she felt that she was too shameless.

Anyway, it was too difficult to do it.

No matter what it was, it was too difficult to do.

"Now that you are off duty and the food is cold, if you really feel sorry, you can go to have dinner with me now."

Richie's excuse was a little clumsy.

But when Consuela heard it, she felt warm.


The scenery was beautiful through the window.

The strong wind poured in from the open window and blew the woman's hair. A waiter in a red and white suit came over and handed the menu to the two.

"Please order some food."

"Yes, I just want a cup of coffee." The man said leisurely.

Just a cup of coffee?

After ordering, Consuela looked at the man in front of her and asked in confusion, "Why do you want to drink coffee at night? Aren't you hungry?"

"I just came out of a dinner party. I don't want to eat anything else."


Then why did he ask her to have dinner with him? He had nothing to do?

Seeming to know what the woman was thinking, Richie smiled and said, "I just want to see you

her eyes. Suddenly, she raised her head and smiled.

"You know what is worth it." However, Richie glared at her unhappily, and suddenly laughed. "As long as I feel good, that's good."

As for what others said, it was all unreasonable.

"……" Consuela stared at his face. It seemed that she wanted to measure the thickness of the man's skin.

But after a moment, she sighed.

Although Richie was thick skinned, he dared to say it. No matter what, he could say it directly unlike her. She was timid and dared not to do it.

"Sometimes, in fact, I envy your character. I feel that no matter what difficulties you have, they are not difficult as long as they are in front of you."

"Well, do you really envy me? Didn't you always say that I'm an ungrateful person? " Suddenly, something occurred to Richie. He sneered. His attitude was so annoying.

"You can't say that... In fact, I just thought you were too smart at that time... She felt that he could do everything... So I'm jealous. "

"Well, are you indirectly praising me for being powerful and smart?"

What was on his mind?

At this time, she didn't know what to say.

It was really hard to have a good talk.

Consuela said, "If you think so, I have no choice."

It was said that this sentence was the end of all the chatting. Since he didn't want to talk, she would learn to cooperate.

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