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   Chapter 767 Create Difficulties (3)

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However, after thinking for a while, she took it for granted. This man had a high status, and he must have seen many beautiful women.

But he was not captivated by anyone.

Therefore, she felt that if she could be favored, she would definitely be very happy.

"Mr. Richie, please don't be so determined..."

"Your company is in such a bad situation? Do you want to throw yourself at a man? "


"Get out of my way."

Unwilling to give up, the woman took a step back. Before she could step back, she heard Consuela's voice from behind, "You stepped on my thing."

The woman looked down at the piece of paper under her feet and smiled contemptuously. "Why are you so nervous? It's just a piece of waste paper. If it is trampled by me, then it's not a big deal..."

With a clear smile, Richie said, "You are such a scum. No wonder the company can't be famous no matter how hard it tries."

The woman's face changed. It seemed that she didn't expect that Richie would speak for Consuela. She looked at the two of them unwillingly, turned around and ran away.

As for Consuela's poor plan paper, it was also stamped by someone. She sighed and was about to bent down to pick it up, but the man had already picked it up before her.

"Why are you so careless?"

"Nothing. I just can't keep up with my mind."

Her face was pale, but she stood straight. It was obvious that she was holding on.

Instead of handing the paper to her, Richie put it down naturally and said with a smile, "Don't you miss me too much?"


In silence, Consuela reached out her hand and said, "Give me the paper. I'll go hand it in."

She didn't ask him why he came, as if she had expected him to come.

Her attitude was very natural.

"If you hand it over, that person will definitely let it pass?" said Richie.


The two of them were standing at the door of the office, so they were in the center of attention.

Many people looked at them fair and square.

"Why didn't you tell me that you were

What was the relationship between them? At most, they were ex-wife and ex-husband!

Consuela wanted to defend herself, but the man grabbed her wrist and didn't allow her to say anything. She could only stare at him with a sad look.

Her eyes were full of resentment, like a female ghost that had been lived up to a thousand years.

The oily man smiled and said, "Well, I know what to do. Consuela, you can go back first. You can go with Mr. Richie and show him around the company."

His eyes were muddy and greedy.

"……" Consuela didn't want to tell others about the company, so she just smiled without saying anything.

Without thinking too much, Richie suddenly picked up the white paper with footprints on it and raised his eyebrows. "What about the draft?"

The man gritted his teeth and said, "The draft is so good. If they are still picky, it will be really apologetic. I will definitely have a good talk with them."

"Well, you finally know what to do," said Richie.

The corners of Consuela's mouth twitched. She didn't know what to say, but she felt warm in her heart.

Consuela said, "In that case, we are leaving now."

"Welcome again." The oily faced man stood at the door of the elevator to see her off.

"I really don't want to come to this shabby company. If you weren't here," said Richie with a chuckle.

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