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   Chapter 766 Create Difficulties (2)

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The design draft had been revised for a long time.

It was rejected again and again.

With the draft in her hand, Consuela was disheartened. The man, who had been worn out of his temper, slammed the document on the ground and said, "If you can't give me a satisfactory result, quit the job and get out of here as soon as possible."


The document fell on the ground, as if it had fallen on her face.

The woman came out with something in her arms with a pale face. There were many people in the corridor who were watching the show. When they saw her, they surrounded and whispered.

Their voice was so loud that it could be heard clearly.

"I know she won't be successful for a long time. Doesn't she know how powerful our boss is?"

"Ha ha, let's see how long she can still be so arrogant."


Pursing her lips, Consuela tightened her grip on the bag.

In the office of Sruthan Building.

"She worked overtime and didn't go back." With the phone in his hand, Richie glanced at the message and repeated the most important points expressionlessly.

Tim immediately gave him an idea, "Richie, you can go to deliver love dinner to her at this time. You can also wait for her to get off work and send her home."

"…… Do you think I can do that? "

Tim didn't reply.

'It's not I think, but you can do it at all!

Even if the man didn't reply, with years of familiarity, Richie could see what he was thinking from his silence.

"Go and find out why she worked overtime." If he could interfere, he wanted to interfere quietly, not as extravagant as before.

Perhaps it was because he was getting old, he had to keep a low profile even if he proposed.

Tim replied, "Okay."

He was very happy to promote the relationship between the two people.

It didn't take long for Tim to find out the ins and outs of the matter. After hearing it, Richie's face darkened like the ink.

"Can you make tha

suddenly have a bad feeling."

"To be honest, I have too."

Seeing that the man was getting closer and closer, some of them couldn't help but get excited. They walked over directly, stroking their heads, and an extremely kind smile appeared on their nearly exquisite faces.

"Mr. Richie, right? I've heard a lot about you. I didn't expect to meet you at this time. I'm really... "

With a serious look on his face, Richie said, "I don't have time to sign for you now. Please excuse me."

His words were like irony, but also like a cold joke.

The woman with a long face hoped more that the man said the second meaning, or she would really be pissed off to death.

"Mr. Richie, I don't want your signature. I just want to invite you to a drink. Can you do me a favor?"

"Get out of the way," said Richie.

His attitude had expressed everything, so that the woman didn't know what expression was right. "Mr. Richie, how can you be so indifferent? It won't take much time to have a drink."

The woman was good-looking, and there were many men chasing after her in her daily life. She was spoiled by those men. Hearing that she was refused ruthlessly, she was unhappy in her heart for more time.

Didn't he have eyes? Couldn't he see that he was facing a beautiful woman?

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