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   Chapter 765 Create Difficulties (1)

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And opportunities had always been created for herself, and no one else could really help her much. Now she just wanted to try her best

"Does he know that?" After a short silence, Consuela asked with a smile.

"……" Debbie fidgeted with the straw and stirred the drink in the cup.

How could she let Baron know that?

If she was known, all the opportunities would be completely stifled in the cradle.

Confused, Consuela asked, "What can you get in the end after you work so hard?"

She had no foundation now, but she was old and began to apply for a cram school. It sounded good, but in fact, it had no meaning.

"I just want to work hard for my own thoughts. In fact, I don't know what I can achieve. But if I don't do it, who knows if I can succeed?" There was a gleam shining in Debbie's eyes, which made Consuela feel ashamed.

She was coward and incompetent, afraid that her efforts would not be paid back, but the people around her were completely different from her.

No matter it was Debbie or Cassie, they were so brave that they could make her blush.

"I've decided to support you. If anything happens in the future, remember to call me. I'll help you if I can."

Debbie glanced at her with disdain and said, "Even if you don't say that, I will come to you if there is something wrong with me."

As for Baron, she didn't dare to provoke him too much.

"But how long do you think you can hide it from him? Or would you confess to him? "

"I can't confess..."

She knew how possessive Baron was to her.

If she told him, Baron would definitely use all his connections to block her. Long ago, this man had been telling her how deep the entertainment industry was.

"If you don't confess and get caught, the consequences will be more serious, right?" Consuela asked.

"It depends on my fate." However, Debbie was hard to shrug off.


The corners of Consuela's mouth t

Someone will bring me some food later. I won't eat with you. Just enjoy yourselves."

The man looked at her awkwardly, then turned around and left with an awkward smile.

The smile became a little ferocious when he turned around.

When he returned to the place where he had come, a woman teased, "I told you not to rush over and flatter yourself. Don't you believe it? Now you know you are wrong?"

The man spat and glanced contemptuously at the direction where Consuela was sitting. "Shit, I didn't expect her to be such an unreasonable woman."

"How did she refuse you?" Someone came over with a mischievous smile, with curiosity in the eyes.

In their social circle, Consuela, who didn't have any diploma, was just a pushover.

But that was not the case.

Although that woman was not capable, her backers were stronger and stronger. No matter how jealous and angry they were, they could only curse her secretly.

If they really met her, they had to talk kindly.

"You are not tired enough. Why don't you bring her here? Although she doesn't agree with me, maybe... "

"Humph, who wants her to come here? You just want to destroy our good appetite, don't you?" A woman pinched the man's ear and tortured him slowly.

"Let me go. I know I was wrong."

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