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   Chapter 763 Escape

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The man who was driving suddenly became silent.

He seemed to have done nothing.

He was happy just because he knew what he could do something for her.

He must have been drugged. Otherwise, he wouldn't be like this. He was so kind and righteous, which was not like him at all.

The stunned expression on Richie's face made Lethe figure out that something was wrong. He sneered, "Well, she didn't do anything, but made you so happy?"

"……" Richie didn't answer, nor did he have anything to say.

After all, that was the truth.

"You are too weak. How can you promote your relationship if you don't let her have any competition?"

"What kind of competition?"

"For example, some inexplicable rivals in love and pursuers."

"Let's not talk about this. I just want to know who taught you the nonsense?"

"I found it online."

In order to find out some messy things, he had spent a lot of time and effort. Some of them looked good and sounded good, so he had collected them.

Richie was convinced.

He drove silently, regardless of what Lethe thought.

"Dad, if you don't listen to me, you will regret."

"Then I hope I can have such a chance."

Strange conceit. He really didn't know who gave him such conceit.

It didn't look like what Consuela would do.

The old woman visited Sheryl in prison.

Linda picked up the phone and talked to her through the glass. On the other side of the glass, Sheryl's eyes were swollen and her face was pale. She was so dispirited that she had no strength at all.

The visiting time was only half an hour, and Sheryl could complain for days and nights. She held the microphone and cried hoarsely over there.

She wanted to say something, but she couldn't.

After recovering for a while, she said, "Mom, you must save me out. The people here are all crazy. They punched and kicked me... I re

, how about this? You go first and come to me when there is any new progress in the future." Sheryl quickly conveyed her words with the microphone.

Linda glanced at her, and then turned to look at the unfriendly man. She snorted and hung up the phone.

"Well, it doesn't matter. Who cares?"

"You don't care about it at all. You don't want to let go of holding the phone for a long time. How could you care?"

The woman's face was hit hard, "..."

She glared at him, but she found that the man stared even worse than herself.

The woman left miserably. The man in green camouflage knocked on the glass door and said with a smile, "What are you still struggling for? Even if you can really be released, you must be half dead, right?"

Sheryl looked at him in silence and said nothing.

There were ten thousand words in her heart that she wanted to curse, but she didn't dare to say more because she knew the military rank of the person. She could only silently hold back her anger and walk back.

She looked up at the completely closed ceiling, which was grey and lifeless, as if it was afraid that someone would have some hope.

She would definitely be able to escape, no matter how long it would take her to be with it.

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