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   Chapter 762 Her Magic

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Obviously, their conversation was not very successful.

After a moment's silence, Consuela said with a smile, "If you continue, I can't keep you silent. The person who came to pick me up has already come. Auntie, take care of yourself."

The woman didn't want her to leave like this. She raised her hand and was about to take the next step when a steady step suddenly sounded behind her.

The man seemed to be a little impatient. "How long do you want to talk about the old days?"

The woman turned her head to look at the man in sunglasses in horror. Before she could say anything more, Consuela suddenly walked over and held the man's arm with a smile. "Let's go."

"Isn't it impolite to leave without saying goodbye?" said Richie with a smile.

The woman's face changed. What a mean man.

"No, I'm not familiar with her."

"Okay." After casting a glance at the old woman, Richie took Consuela into his car and drove away.

Linda stood still and gritted her teeth, "..."

'Bitch! Don't let me find a way to deal with you, or I will make you cry and kneel on the ground to beg me!'

All of a sudden, a slightly angry voice came from the earphone, "Come back."

The woman's face turned pale. "I haven't finished what you said."

In fact, she was afraid that something bad would happen when she went back.

"We'll use the next plan. You come back first."

The woman hesitated for a while and decided to go back first.

On the other side, sitting in the Richie's car, Consuela was a little worried. She checked her phone and looked out of the window, as if she was afraid of missing something.

"I asked you to have dinner with me, but you didn't have time. Why did you suddenly call me for help? Do you think you are so kind to do that?"

"……" With a guilty conscience, Consuela didn't say anything.

She didn't expect that things would turn out like this.

Moreover, she called Terence at the beginning, because he was close to her, but Te

eath was the craziest.

Tim replied "Well, Richie, how about you come here in person?"

"Well, you stay there for a while. I'll take Consuela to see her another day."


'Damn it! Why does he take Consuela with him?

Everyone knew that Sheryl was blinded by jealousy just because of Consuela. If he took Consuela to see her, who knew how painful that woman would be.

He was indeed a master. Killing without a knife was powerful.

"Richie, you are too cruel." He was so shameless that he didn't leave her alive.

"You'd better mind your own business. It's none of your business."


After the phone call ended, Richie drove to the school to pick up the child.

Lethe got in the car and took a look at his father who was smiling happily. "What makes you so happy?"

He picked up the customized round mirror that the teacher gave him just now and curiously aimed at the man's face, so that he could see his expression at the moment.

"What do you think makes me happy?"

"Because you met her?"

"You are not that stupid."


Inexplicably, Lethe heard his dislike and took back his round mirror. Looking at the photo with his name and a blur on the back, he took a deep breath.

In fact, he liked this kind of customized reward.

"What did she do to make you so happy?"

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