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   Chapter 761 Ask For Recipes (2)

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She didn't feel sad, but she was just not reconciled.

Unable to bear it, Richie took out a roll of tissue from the table and handed it to her. "I really can't sympathize with your feelings now, but you have to know that I have always been there."

If she wanted to hug him, he would give her.

"Thank you." Consuela burst into tears.


Richie didn't respond to her thanks.

If she really wanted to thank him, she could have accepted his proposal earlier.

After some discussion.

Sheryl was arrested and put into jail. No one knew what kind of relationship Richie used to make her sentenced to twenty years' imprisonment.

Twenty years was not enough for Sheryl. But she couldn't bear such a long time.

Linda blocked Consuela's way again. There were countless wrinkles on her face, which seemed to be more haggard than the last time they met.

Maybe it was because something happened to Sheryl recently.

"Consuela, what's wrong with you? Have you really forgotten your past? How can you make your sister be sentenced twenty years! Do you know that you can force her to death because of such a long time?"

Sheryl had been a strong woman since she was a child. When she knew that she was sentenced to twenty years' imprisonment, she almost wanted to commit suicide by cutting her wrist.

But she and Johnson tried their best to bail her out, but failed.

"I've pleaded for her. Otherwise, it would have been more than twenty years." In addition, the sentence was well founded. What Sheryl had done before had been mentioned one by one, so that she could get 20 years.

Otherwise, it was impossible for them to talk nonsense.

"Twenty years is too long... Consuela, I beg you. Can you ask him for more help... I only have one daughter... " The woman was about to cry.

Consuela frowned in disgust.

She was indeed a greedy woman.

When Sheryl was sentenced, Richie had reminded her to be careful of this old woman, but she really couldn't figure out when th

old woman's hand. The old woman had been preventing her from getting in the car. If the woman didn't look weak, she would have called the police.

Someone was patrolling the parking lot.

The man whistled and questioned loudly, "What are you doing over there?"

The parking lot was actually wide, and there was still a slight echo of her words. When Consuela was about to answer the question, the old woman said first, "Nothing. We're just kidding."

Consuela was rendered speechless.

What a joke.

"To be honest, if you continue to make trouble out of nothing, you'd better go back and figure out a solution with others as soon as possible. Anyway, no matter how many times you say, I can't help you."

The woman shook her head and said, "No... Consuela, you shouldn't be like this... "

"I think you must have watched a lot of TV dramas. That's why you think so much of me," said Consuela relentlessly.

Ironic and with another meaning, the words directly made the old woman's face turn pale. She gritted her teeth, but she didn't fall out because of her present character.

She had a strong negotiation with that person, so she came to look for her. If that person hadn't forced her to come, she would have left now. How could she still want to lose her old face and suffer this?

She was indeed a bitch.

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