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   Chapter 723 Meeting An Old Friend (3)

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Hearing the door open, Consuela turned her head to look at the woman. When their four eyes met, Cassie's calmness had been removed. She could only stare at the woman inside with her eyes wide open.

"What's wrong? We haven't seen each other for five years. Don't you know me?" Finally, Consuela broke the ice with a smile.

Cassie came to her senses and smiled, "How could I not remember you? I miss you so much in the past five years."

Then she pretended to be fine and walked in. Looking at the little girl in Consuela's arms, she asked with a friendly smile, "What a lovely girl! Who is this?"

The little girl was hungry just now and wanted to serve the dishes first, but her mother didn't allow her to do so. She said that she had to wait for someone, so she was a little unhappy.

Now that she saw the person her mother was waiting for, she felt a little embarrassed. But the aunt who spoke was really beautiful.

She was tall and wore a fashionable long dress. The makeup on her face was very light, but everything was just right and perfect.

And the man beside her was also a perfect match, making people feel that the two should be in love.

"Come and sit here. I haven't seen you for five years. It's really..."

However, Cassie shook her hand and pointed at her, "Cut the crap. Let's order first. Look at you. How you've starved the little girl. "

She had heard what Consuela had said to the little girl just now, mostly to make her wait a little longer and tell her that they would have dinner as soon as they arrived.

Embarrassed, Consuela nodded with a smile, "Okay, let's order now."

After saying that, she also gave out a menu, and the other one fell in front of the little girl who had a crush on Cassie.

The little girl, who had just said that she was so hungry, began to order without hesitation. She didn't stop talking until she ordered several dishes she liked.

Cassie teased with a smile, "It's [your mother's treat. You're so generous, little girl."

It was funn


However, it seemed that she and Richie were not meant to be together. She didn't know...

As soon as she frowned, Tim suddenly asked, "Consuela, you've been back for so long. Have you ever seen Richie... Ouch!"

His calm voice suddenly turned into a shrill scream. Consuela got goose bumps all over her body, and the little girl threw herself into her arms, seeking comfort.

Cassie took back her foot calmly and looked at the man who was covering his mouth with his hand strangely. She said with contempt, "Why are you suddenly going crazy? The little girl is so scared that she is about to cry."

Regardless of Tim's complaining eyes, she turned her head and put on a friendly face. She looked at the little girl and said with a smile, "Don't be afraid. I'll help you deal with this fussy uncle later."

Tim covered his mouth, trying to hold back his tears, "..."

The little girl showed a pair of smart eyes, looked at the obvious smile on Cassie's face, and then looked at the uncle who covered his mouth and endured the pain.

Her wrinkled face immediately relaxed. "Auntie, please teach the uncle well. It's not good to frighten others."

Tim wanted to shake his head and say that he was fine, let alone go out to frighten others, but he couldn't. There was a woman who was as fierce as a tiger staring at him.

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