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   Chapter 694 I Don't Like That Woman

If You Want Me By Qing Cha Characters: 6984

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As time went by, everything didn't change much, but there were some differences in the world. Some people were still not able to meet.

In France, with the help of Terence, Consuela got out of the pain of Tristan's death and put all her energy on improving her ability.

Richelle sat on the swing, the golden retriever with soft hair crawling beside her with its big black eyes narrowed slightly comfortably.

All of a sudden, the little girl heard a creak and jumped off the swing. She said in a soft voice, "Mom..."

When Consuela pushed the door open and walked in, she saw the little girl running towards her from not far away. The tiredness on her face was suddenly removed. She smiled and hugged her. "What's wrong with you?"

Seeing the master come back, the golden retriever rubbed its head against Consuela's trouser legs affectionately, wagging its tail in an innocent manner.

"Mom, I saw the boy from the next house today. He also drew a picture for me. I'll bring and show it to you..."

Children were always like this. When they met something they liked or saw something happy, they wanted to share it with others. But Richelle didn't have any peers here, so she only liked to tell everything to Consuela.

In high spirits, Richelle ran into the room to get the painting. Consuela picked up the thing she had put at her feet just now, raised her hand to touch the golden retriever on its enthusiastic head, and glanced sideways.

The house next door was said to be the residence of a famous French painter. However, she was able to live here because of Tristan, so she did not make great efforts to visit the others, so she did not know if it was true.

It must be a lie. It was said that the child in the next house had autism. Since he had this disease, he should not like others to get close to him.

How could she possibly draw for Richelle? She shook her head and shook off the thoughts in her mind. Just then, Richelle rushed over with the painting in her hand. Her face was red with a smile. "Mom, look! The little brother is better at painting than th

e always been hostile to others. You know that, except for their mouths, why can't you check the surveillance video?"

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned his head to look at the fat boy whose wounds were all exposed on his face. He raised the corners of his mouth, and a sneer hung on his face, which was similar to his father's. "A fool is happier than a smart man."


Regardless of the expressions of the people behind him, he turned a blind eye and left, leaving the teacher who wanted to say something and frowned to check the surveillance video, as well as the two, mother and son whose faces changed slightly.

The private car had been parked at the school gate for a long time.

The driver looked at the young master, who was wearing a small suit with no expression on his delicate face, and smiled awkwardly. "Young master, Mrs. Ye asked you to go to the Ye's house. She misses you very much."

Lethe got in the car. He asked coldly, "Is that woman also here?"

The driver started the car. He was stunned for a few seconds and smiled more awkwardly. "Yes."

"What's my grandmother's attitude?" Lethe stopped flipping the book, and a complicated emotion flashed through his eyes.

He didn't like that woman, both openly and secretly. But everyone in the Ye's house was accepting her unconsciously.

Even his father only had that woman by his side.

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