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   Chapter 690 Try To Get Her Back

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After dinner, Tim and Cassie accompanied Wendy in the living room for a while and were about to leave.

But when they were about to leave, Tim still didn't see Richie coming downstairs, so he went upstairs to look for him.

There was no one in Richie's bedroom, so Tim went straight to the study.

As expected, as soon as Tim entered the study, he saw Richie sitting on the sofa with his back to the door. He was tall and straight.

After finding Richie, Tim didn't want to go inside and stood against the wooden door.

"Richie, how many days will you stay here? When will you leave? "

After waiting for a long time, Tim finally got the answer from Richie. He almost thought that Richie had fallen asleep on the sofa.

"I'm not sure yet. I'll tell you to book a ticket for me when I'm going to France."

Hearing the answer of Richie, Tim staggered, curled his lips, stood up and left.

He just wanted to know when his boss would leave, but he didn't expect that he would take it as asking when to book the air ticket. He was asking for trouble.

Late at night, the Ye's house was dark. The light moonlight outside shone into the house. Even if the lights were not turned on, people could see things in the house by moonlight.

There was no sound in the house. Only the old clock in the living room was ticking.

Suddenly, there was a sound of footsteps in the house, followed by a tall and straight black shadow at the corner of the stairs. He stepped down the stairs under the moonlight.

After passing through the living room, the black figure went straight to the kitchen without any pause.

With a click, the light in the kitchen was turned on, and the bright light finally showed the face of the black shadow.

It was Richie.

It turned out that he had been staying there since his father left the study angrily. He didn't go downstairs to look for ice until everyone was asleep.

He rummaged through the fridge, but couldn't find the ice he was looking for. He was confused.

He searched again, but still didn't see the ice. When he was about to close the door of the fridge and leave the kitchen, he saw a person walking into the kitchen from the corner of his eye.


igured it out earlier. His father had specially sent him the plaster in the kitchen, but he didn't seem to care about it.

After Richie felt remorse and guilt, he remembered what his father had said to him in the study.

His father told him that he was looking for Consuela, but he didn't know that she was hiding from him, because his behavior was forcing her to stay away from him.

At that time, he refused to admit that he had put pressure on Consuela and forced her to escape from him. He just thought that he had only one small request, and that he would not disturb her life after he found her.

Now he thought about it after he calmed down. Wasn't it like what his father said that he was forcing her to stay away from him again, and he didn't even know about it?

At last, when his father left, he left a few words to him, indicating him not to force the feelings that did not belong to him. Moreover, if he loved someone, it was not enough to let others accept him. Love needed to be paid with sincerity.

The last sentence reminded Richie of himself in the past.

He was overbearing and aggressive. If he couldn't get her, he would force her. He didn't care about Consuela's feelings and what she said.

He didn't know how to love the others, but only knew how to force the others. He even wanted to get Consuela back. Richie felt funny for himself.

Perhaps, even if Consuela was willing to come back with him, she would be forced to leave again.

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