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   Chapter 689 I Don't Want To Care About It Anymore

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"I transferred her to the design department."

In this way, there was less chance for Laura to meet him, and the relationship between them would slowly dissipate.

Hearing what Richie said, his father understood what he was doing and thought it was appropriate.

"Don't meet Laura in the future. Don't give her any hope. Otherwise, you will only be entangled with each other more and more."

He knew that when Richie dealt with his relationship, he was efficient and didn't need others to worry about him, but in the end, his father gave him a reminder.

"Yes, I understand. And I only have Consuela in my heart. I won't have anything to do with Laura anymore."

Replied Richie in a low voice, lowering his head.

Seeing that Richie had lost a lot of weight these days, his father shook his head and wanted to persuade him, but he felt that as a father, he was always a little difficult to say those words.

After thinking for a while, his father finally opened his mouth.

"Richie, what are you going to do in France?" What his father didn't ask was that if he would still fly to France to look for Consuela in person.

For this question, Richie had already thought about it, but he did not expect that his father would ask him.

After calming down, Richie told his father all the plans he had prepared.

During this period of time, all the business in the company was handed over to Tim. He just asked about it the next day. Later, there was no problem in the company and he didn't ask much.

He thought that after this period of time, Tim should be able to take charge of the company alone, and he could go to France to look for Consuela.

Therefore, he planned to leave the company for the time being and concentrate on looking for Consuela. He would go back to the company after he found her or got the exact information about her.

As soon as he finished telling his plan, Richie saw his father frown and his face become more and more serious.

"It seems that you won't go back to the company until you get the news of Consuela. But have you ever thought about the reason why you haven't found Consuela for such a long time?

You know how powerful your men are, and I believe you have invested a lot of money. There is still no progress, except for your own problems..."

"I know..." His f

ner of his mouth and sneered.

"Ha-ha, did you get angry because I guessed right? But it's not like what you used to do. "

Looking coldly at his father standing in front of him, Richie smiled, but the smile did not reach his eyes.

After slapping Richie, his father was still angry. His eyes were wide open, the muscles on his cheeks were twitching, and his breath was much heavier.

He interrupted before he could finish his words. The more he said, the more ridiculous he became. He didn't take his father seriously at all.

"As a father, I have told you what I should say. Whether you will listen to me or not, and what you will think after hearing it, I can't care about it, and I don't want to care about it now.

The last few words, a reluctant relationship is not sweet. Moreover, if you want to get a complete love, you should learn how to love first, not only to let others accept your love."

After saying that, his father strode out of the study without looking at Richie who was slumping on the sofa due to his slap.

The two went upstairs, and only Carter went downstairs. Wendy couldn't help asking, but his father was still angry, so his tone was naturally not good.

Looking at Carter, Wendy knew that they must have quarreled with each other just now.

But she knew that both the father and the son were stubborn. Even if she asked, she couldn't get anything, so she simply didn't ask.

Besides, it wouldn't be a big deal. At most, they two didn't quarrel with each other, or they wouldn't want to talk to her.

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