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   Chapter 688 A Prompt Decision Will Bring About Trouble

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Glancing at Tim, Richie neither asked him to follow him nor refused.

"You don't want to go to work, but you still make so many excuses. Tim, you are becoming more and more shameless."

"Ha ha..." Being said that he was shameless, Tim didn't get angry. Instead, he smiled and said, "Then I'll take it as your consent. I'm going to drive. Take your time, Richie. Don't worry."

Before Richie could say anything, Tim ran away.

With a hint of amusement in his eyes, Richie left unhurriedly.

When Richie went downstairs and arrived at the gate of the company, he saw Tim leaning against the car and waiting for him.

"Where is the driver?" Richie looked around but didn't see the car that sent him to the company. He couldn't help but ask.

"Oh, I asked him to have a day off today. I'll drive you back. What do you think? Now I am a free driver for you."

Tim opened the door of the passenger seat and let Richie get in the car.

As he approached, when Richie was about to get in the car, he heard the last sentence of Tim. He raised his eyebrows and said, "Do you think I took advantage of you?"

If he hadn't found an excuse to skip work and sent away the driver of the Ye's house, he wouldn't have taken his car back.

What was more, the driver must be very grateful to him. He got a leave for nothing.

Being directly exposed by Richie, Tim smiled and gave him a careless look.

Half an hour later, Tim's car steadily drove into the Ye's house and stopped in the parking lot in front of the gate.

As soon as the two of them got out of the car, they saw Cassie walking towards them with Wendy, holding Lethe in her hands with his big eyes twinkling.

"Mom." There was tenderness in Richie's eyes, and his voice was never gentle to others.

"Welcome home. Let's go inside. The dinner has been ready for you for a long time."

Wendy changed her position of holding the child and said with a complaining tone.

Seeing the little detail, Richie took Lethe from Wendy. Although they hadn't seen each other for more than a week, Lethe had been a little heavier.

"There is something urgent in the company, so I have to deal with it first before coming back. That's why I sent you a message before," Richie explained.

here wasn't something wrong in the company, Richie wouldn't have left his family at home to wait for him and went to deal with work in the company.

Richie's eyes narrowed. Instead of answering his father's question, he threw out a question.

"Dad, did Laura say anything when she came to our house last time?"

"Nothing. She just said that there was an important document for you to deal with. Your mother said that you were on a business trip and she left."

After a pause, his father understood something. "Is that why you went to the company?"

Lowering his head, Richie answered in a low voice.

"Yes. In fact, I don't have to deal with that document, but she came to here in the name of work. She is really not a qualified assistant."

"She might still have feelings for you, but it's not a good thing."

If a prompt decision was not made, there would be a disaster.

Carter's face was serious, and the coldness in his eyes was surging.

In the past, Wendy liked Laura very much and even planned to let her marry into the Ye Clan. But after so many things happened and Consuela appeared, there was no possibility between her and Richie.

But since Laura entered the company again and found an excuse to come to the Ye's house, Cater knew that she did not give up.

But he also knew that now Richie's heart was full of Consuela, and there was no room for Laura. But if Laura was too stubborn, she would probably do something bad.

"How did you deal with this matter?"

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