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   Chapter 684 She Is Worth Waiting For

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The moon was high in the sky, and the twinkling stars were like small diamonds scattered on the black velvet. The city lights on the ground were bright, and from the sky, they looked like the stars in the sky.

The night breeze blew through the lavender field and blew into the city with the fragrance of flowers, making the rich fragrance of flowers touch a little dew cool.

In the bright room, Richie stood in front of the French window, holding a photo in his hand. He took a look at it carefully, and then he raised his head and looked at the people in the street.

This photo was sent by a subordinate when he first entered the hotel today. It was the clue they found.

The girl in the photo was similar to Consuela. They looked like two twin sisters and almost made him not recognize her.

If he hadn't been familiar with Consuela's temperament after staying with her for a period of time, he would have mistaken her for Consuela.

When he first saw the photo, he was very happy, thinking that he had found Consuela.

But after a few more glances, he recognized that it was not her. The excitement and happiness that had just been raised in his heart were immediately overwhelmed by great disappointment.

Although he recognized that the girl in the photo was not Consuela, he had an intuition that the girl in the photo had something to do with Consuela. So he used two forces of his own, black and white, and invited the senior leaders of France to meet him in the afternoon.

At dinner, the girl's information was sent to his hands.

Fanny, a Chinese French, moved to France with her parents at the age of ten.

Her parents were teachers in the local town. The three of them lived a simple life without anything suspicious.

When Fanny was sixteen years old, her parents were attacked by terrorists and passed away. She became an orphan and was sent to an orphanage by the local government.

But one day, after she walked out of the orphanage, and she never came back, and that was all the information that was sent to him.

Perhaps it was because before the sixteen-year-old girl's parents were killed, she had lived a simple life and there were a few words in the information. But after she left the orphanage, no one knew where she had gone, and there wasn't much information shown.

be sleeping soundly. Why did he call him now?

Either his mobile phone was accidentally suppressed, or Tim was so angry that he threw all his work to him and called him idly.

Either way, there was nothing good. So he just hung up.

Moreover, in order to prevent Tim from calling again after he couldn't get through, Richie turned off his phone directly.

Early in the morning, because of the biological clock, Richie woke up early.

After washing his face and brushing his teeth, Richie turned on his phone again, only to find that Tim didn't call him again after making a phone call last night.

It seemed that he had accidentally pressed it when he was sleeping.

Richie thought so, but after breakfast, he received a call from Tim again, with a very anxious voice.

"Richie, something is wrong."

"What happened in the company?" Hearing Tim say something was wrong, Richie's heart tightened.

Tim had been working for him for many years. Although his personality hadn't changed much, he had gradually become steady. He had never been so panic when something happened.

"Richie, I have told you that you shouldn't let Laura work in the company. Well..."

Tim talked for a long time on the other end of the phone. Richie only heard him mention Laura, but he didn't say what happened.

"What happened?"

Richie's voice was low, but he didn't hide his impatience. Hearing his question, Tim also remembered that he had been talking nonsense and hadn't told him about Laura.

"Laura went to the Ye's house yesterday."

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