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   Chapter 683 She Didn't Want To Be Trapped In It Anymore

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"Don't I have to change? I used to be a naive girl. Now I'm the mother of two children. I have to change..."

Her tone sounded funny and helpless, but she also sighed when she thought of those things.

Consuela changed her identity to cover up the topic. Terence also smiled at her and said a few words. Then the topic between the two people was never mentioned again.

As the waiter said, the cake was served soon.

On the soft and delicious cake, there is a beehive from which golden honey flows out, which was tempting.

After a few bites, even Consuela, who didn't like desserts, was attracted by the good taste of the honey cake.

"Although there's honey, it's not too sweet. It's much better than sweet and greasy cream. Besides, the beehive is a little crispy and fragrant when bitten in the mouth. Together with the soft cake, it's just the right taste."

"If you like it, pack one and take it back later. This kind of cake is really famous."

Looking at the satisfied look on Consuela's face, Terence smiled and said in a low voice.

"Now that Mr. Terence has said so, I won't stand on ceremony. Ha ha..."

With the flowing music and the faint smell of coffee, Consuela finished the whole cake.

After Terence called the waiter and paid the bill, Consuela stood up and was about to pick up Richelle with Terence. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a person who shouldn't be here.

The man was wearing a high-end handmade suit, and the platinum watch that she had been used to wearing on his wrist. Walking in the sun, he looked tall and handsome.

However, his faster steps were not as casual and he was not as cold as usual.

Withdrawing her gaze, Consuela covered her belly with her hands and bent down slightly. Without raising her head, she said to Terence, "Terence, I might have eaten too much just now. Now I have a stomachache. Let's sit for a while before we leave."

Seeing that Consuela couldn't stand straight with her hands on her belly, Terence asked her to sit down and have a rest.

Nodding her head, Consuela sat down again, put her head on the

he past and return to him.

Time would tell.

She used to believe this sentence, but now it was not.

In just a few months, her world had turned upside down. She had lost everything she had before. The carefully preserved love and the precious family affection had lost during that time.

Now she only had the company of Richelle and a tough heart full of holes.

This time, she didn't want to fall in love with him anymore...

She folded the residence card and put it in the drawer. When Consuela was about to lie down to sleep, her phone rang.

It was a message from Terence. He said that he had contacted his friend, but that person was on a holiday in England and would come back in a few days.

Upon hearing the news, Consuela heaved a sigh of relief.

Since Terence's friend was on a holiday, the date of their meeting would be postponed. It happened that she was worried that she would meet Richie in the same city when she went out, so that she didn't have to make an appointment with Terence's friend before she found an excuse to change the time.

Tapping her finger, Consuela replied, "okay."

After a pause, Consuela sent another message, "Good night."

A few seconds later, Terence sent her another message, saying good night, but adding two more words: good dream.

Looking at the bright screen, Consuela smiled.

'I hope I'll have a good dream as you said.'

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