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   Chapter 682 You Have Changed A Lot

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Now Consuela was just learning while taking care of the child. She was so tired. If she had to work, he was really worried that she couldn't do as she said.

Moreover, the better architectural design companies nowadays were very strict with the staff. Most bosses would refuse the job applicants who worked at home.

As they worked at home while taking care of her children, they couldn't concentrate on the work, so the quality of the design couldn't be guaranteed.

Terence's family was engaged in real estate. They were in charge of development, construction and sales. Terence had contact with the general manager and CEO of the architectural design company.

He even made friends with several of them for the sake of family business or interests.

As long as he came into contact with them, he could get to know a lot about the things in the architectural design industry. So he persuaded Consuela to hire a nanny so that she could work full-time.

After saying that, Terence stared at Consuela, waiting for her reply.

"I don't want to leave Richelle to the nanny. I want to take care of her myself and watch her grow up.

I know it's not easy to take care of a child and work at the same time.

But I don't want Richelle to grow up without her father's company and her mother is not around her as well. I can't let her lose both father's love and mother's care."

The golden afternoon sunlight shone on Consuela's face, adding tenderness to her face. The bright light also exposed the sadness in her eyes.

As a mother, Consuela's heart is clear to Terence. But if she insisted on finding a job that could stay at home, it would be difficult to find.

After he went through the bosses and designers who he had made friends with, Terence thought of a person and his eyes lit up.

"Consuela, I think I can introduce a person to you. He might be able to provide the job of drawing design drawings at home,"

"Really?" Hearing Terence's words, Consuela thought that her work might be finished, so she was happy.


Terence nodded and then frowned slightly.

"But my friend has a strange tem

eplace it with the signature beehive cake in your shop."

"Yes, sir. Please wait a moment. The cake will be served soon."

After the waiter left, Consuela said to Terence with a smile, "I didn't expect you to be so gentle not long after you came to France. It's really 'never judge a man who has made great progress by past tense'.

With a smile at the corners of his mouth, Terence agreed with Consuela.

In fact, it was not because he was a gentleman in France, but because the girl sitting opposite him was Consuela, whom he had never forgotten even when he went abroad.

"In fact, you have changed a lot too. At first, I couldn't believe it was you in the supermarket. I looked at you for half a minute before I went to say hello to you."

Hearing Terence say that she had changed a lot, Consuela was stunned and then relieved.

She had certainly changed a lot after such a long time.

In the past, she was still an ordinary college student in the campus. She liked to smile, make friends and travel. On weekends, she liked to go shopping with her roommates. Maybe she didn't buy anything for the whole day, but she would be very happy.

But now, she was the mother of two children. Her heart was hurt, and she lost her seemingly happy family and kind family members. She went abroad and only wanted a simple and sufficient life.

Her identity, mood and even her plan for the future had changed.

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