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   Chapter 681 He Was Jealous Of Tristan

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Taking a sip of water, Consuela curled her lips and said, "Of course you want me to drink what I like. If it weren't for what I like, wouldn't I have changed it?"

Speaking of this, Consuela paused and squinted at Terence. "As a young master, you don't even have the money to buy me a cup of coffee?"

Looking at the playful look in Consuela's eyes, Terence couldn't help laughing.

"Yes, yes. You can order whatever you want today. If you can't finish it, you can pack it and take it back."

"You made fun of me again. Why should I do this to you?" Consuela rolled her eyes at Terence.

"Ha ha..."

While they were talking and laughing, the waiter brought the freshly brewed hot coffee to them.

Taking a look at Richelle, who was lying in the stroller, the waiter bowed slightly and asked Consuela politely and gently if she needed him to take the child away. The cafe had prepared a special room for the child, and there was someone taking care of the children so there was no need for her to worry about.

Looking at Richelle in the stroller and the waiter waiting for her answer, Consuela felt a little embarrassed.

Terence, who was sitting opposite to Consuela, saw the expression on her face and knew what she was worried about.

"Don't worry, Consuela. The cafe here is very convenient. The person they arranged to take care of the children will take good care of Richelle.

What's more, this is a commercial street. Not only is there surveillance camera in the shop, but also every secret place on the street is equipped with surveillance cameras. So there is no need to worry about safety. "

"Okay, thank you." Hearing what Terence said, Consuela finally agreed.

Terence had been in France for a longer time than her, and he was more familiar with France, so she believed him.

After getting the affirmative answer from Consuela, the waiter slowly pushed the stroller and left. Before he left, he said to them, "Please taste the coffee carefully. It smells like sunshine and lavender."

After the waiter left, Consuela pursed her lips and smiled for a long time. She thought that no wonder it was a romantic country and even a waiter could say such ar

about looking for a job, Terence thought for a while and asked again, "What kind of job are you looking for now, Consuela?"

At this time, Consuela had calmed herself down. When Terence asked her about her job, she told him that she was looking for recruitment information online.

"I have checked the recruitment website on the Internet. Thinking that Richelle is still young and needs my care, I just want to find a job doing architectural design at home.

But after a few days, all the big companies of this kind of architectural design require the employees to go to the company on time to work, so I haven't found a suitable one. I am going to check on another recruitment website."

While Consuela was speaking, Terence kept looking at her face, especially her eyes.

After Consuela finished speaking, Terence put his hands on the table, leaned against the sofa and bowed slightly.

"Since you want to go out to work, why don't you find a nanny to take care of Richelle? The well-trained nanny has a good ability and a strong sense of responsibility.

You said that you wanted to find a job of architectural design at home, but in fact, it was very difficult to find one. And most bosses would not accept it when they heard that you were taking care of a child at home while working.

Besides, I can see that you are very tired to take care of Richelle alone while studying architectural design. There are dark circles under your eyes."

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