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   Chapter 680 Daddy Is Going To Find Mommy

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The second morning, it was still early in the morning. Richie got up early in the morning. He had to take the plane at seven o'clock in the morning and set out as soon as possible.

After washing his face and cleaning his teeth, Richie walked out of the room with a suitcase.

When he was about to pass the baby room at the foot of the stairs, he stopped, thought for a while, and gently opened the door of the baby room.

The little boy was still sleeping. Richie didn't dare to turn on the light in the room for fear of waking him up.

He took out his phone from his pocket and turned on the flashlight.

The child, who was only a few months old, was not very big. In the dim light, he was buried in the quilt with only his little head exposed, which made him look smaller.

Looking at the quiet and lovely little boy, Richie felt warm in his heart.

At the same time, he hoped more that the family could reunite, with Lana and Consuela by his side.

For the first time, he was so eager to have a happy, warm and peaceful family, just like the ordinary people living together with their families.

"Lance, I'm going to look for your Mommy and bring her back. Stay at home and wait for me to take your Mommy and sister back."

Slowly bending down, Richie kissed the little boy on his pink cheek and whispered.

Although Richie had changed the name for the little boy, he didn't want to give up the name Lance, because it was named by Consuela. So he simply called him as his nickname at home.

"Lance, I'm leaving. Be good..."

After saying that softly and tucking him in, Richie straightened up and walked away.

At the foot of the stairs of the Ye's house, the driver had already been waiting there. Seeing that the door was opened, he hurried forward to take the light suitcase from Richie's hand and put it into the trunk.

When the driver put away his suitcase, Richie had already sat in the back seat. As soon as the driver got in the car, the car immediately drove out of the Ye's house's courtyard and headed for the airport.

Seven hours later, Richie walked out of the airport, found a car to pick him up, got in and left the airport.

In the afternoon, the sun

ad an appointment in fluent French.

She smiled at the waiter, and answered in French. Then she was taken to a table, where Terence was drinking water.

Seeing Consuela, Terence stood up and said with a smile, "Hi, Consuela. What would you like to drink?"

"Yes, a cup of black coffee." Consuela answered after thinking for a while.

"Okay." Terence nodded and looked at the waiter, "Two cups of black coffee."

"Yes, sir. Please wait a moment." The waiter bowed slightly and left.

Terence sat down with an inexplicable smile on his lips. Staring at him for a while, Consuela didn't understand what he meant, so she asked him directly.

"Terence, you have been smiling since you sat down. Why are you so happy?"

"Nothing. I just didn't expect you to drink black coffee." Terence pressed his lips and smiled.

Generally speaking, girls liked sweet food most. From childhood to adulthood, they changed from all kinds of candies to all kinds of chocolates, all of which were sweet.

But it was beyond his expectation that Consuela would choose black coffee.

Hearing what Terence said, Consuela knew what Terence was thinking. She was speechless.

"You think I'll order cappuccino, right? But unlike other girls, I don't like desserts at all. I've been like this since I was a child."

"Oh? Then you should feel lucky that I didn't order a cup of sweet cappuccino for you before you came. Ha ha... "

Terence raised his eyebrows and smiled.

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