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   Chapter 679 Destroy Everything In One Go

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"That's great! We finally got the news of Consuela... I'll tell Cassie when I get back.

Since I received Consuela's call last time, she hasn't called her again. Later Cassie called her, but no one answered. Now we finally get the news"

Hearing the affirmative answer of Richie, Tim was happy and forgot all his resentment.

Moreover, he remembered that Cassie seemed to have told him that her friend's male friend's plane crashed and her friend was very sad.

At that time, he didn't expect that the friend Cassie mentioned would be Consuela, and he didn't care about it. But after he thought it through, he regretted not telling Richie earlier, or he wouldn't have alerted Consuela.

He had planned to find a time to confess it, but now it seemed that it was unnecessary.

But after a long time, Tim remembered what Richie had told him the other day, and then he stopped being happy.

"Richie, when will you go to France? How long will you stay there? "

Tim thought to himself, 'If Richie stays in France for ten days or half a month, I will take care of everything in the company.'

Although most of the CEO's business was pinned on him now, it was his boss's plan. He only needed to perfect the details. If there was really any document that needed to make a decision, he could drive to the Ye's house and ask him to solve it directly.

But if he went to France, he would deal with everything alone, and sometimes he had to make some important decisions.

In that case, he would work overtime every day. If there was anything difficult to make a decision, it would be difficult for him to ask him.

It was not only because of the jet lag of seven hours, but also because he didn't want to be bothered by business when looking for Consuela.

Before Richie could answer, Tim was already sighing n the heart. 'How could I be so miserable? With the money of an assistant, I was doing the president's business.'

Tim had always been unrestrained in front of Richie. At this moment, he complained in his heart. Although he knew it was not good to show it, he still revealed some unconsciously on his face.

There was a cough. Looking at the rich expressions on Tim's face, Richie couldn't help coughing to

to see his wife with a happy mood. When he turned around, his feet seemed to freeze and he didn't move any more.

When did his boss stand there? How many words did he hear just now?

Glancing at the frozen steps of Tim, Richie raised his eyebrows, straightened his body against the door and strode into the room without any expression.

When he passed by Tim, he didn't change his pace and didn't stop. He went to the desk and picked up the phone on it. Then he turned around and walked out without saying a word.

Tim cheered himself up in his heart and asked in a trembling voice, "Richie, when did you stand there? Why didn't you make any sound at all?"

Without stopping or turning his head, Richie walked out of the room, leaving a surprise as usual.

"Since you don't agree with me,"

Shocked by Richie's words, Tim broke out into a cold sweat and his face turned pale.

Then he would have heard every word he said from the beginning to the end?!

'It's a moment to destroy everything in one go. God, who can help me...'

Feeling that the originally hopeful holiday was completely ruined, Tim still had to book the air ticket for Richie.

After booking the ticket, Tim sent the flight information to Richie, and then sent another message, "Richie, I just want to have fun. It's not true. Don't take it serious."

Half a minute later, Tim received a reply, "My memory is so good that I have memorized all of them."

Then Tim's heart fell to the ground...

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