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   Chapter 678 Got News

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They wasted a lot of time at home, so Tim drove much faster than usual on the way.

Originally, Tim was still in a hurry to the company, trying to arrive half an hour after Richie hung up the phone.

But then he remembered that Richie asked him to go to the company to exploit his off duty time. But it was not working time now, so he did not have to go.

In fact, he could refuse. If he had the courage and time, he would choose to do so. But the key point was that Richie didn't give him any time to show his courage and quickly hung up the phone.

Tim felt that Cassie was a little shy and happy because of this after he answered the phone again. Then he immediately slowed down the speed and slowly drove towards the company.

When Tim entered the CEO's Office in Sruthan Building, it was already fifty minutes after Richie hung up the phone. But Tim didn't feel nervous because he was late and didn't come at the time that Richie said. Instead, he felt that he had a reason.

In the CEO's Office, Richie sat on a specially customized leather chair with his back to the door. He didn't turn around until he heard the door open.

When Tim was about to ask Richie what the problem was with the document, he saw the screen of his mobile phone on his desk lit up.

Richie looked at Tim and then looked at the name on the screen. Finally, he picked up his phone and gave a hint to Tim, and immediately answered the phone.

While Richie was on the phone, Tim secretly glanced at the things on the table, but didn't see a suspicious document that matched what Richie had said.

The documents and furnishings on this desk were exactly the same as those on the table when Richie left the company a few days ago. Even the position of one of the signature pen that had been taken down and put on the table hadn't been changed.

After scanning the table where there were no new documents but the original ones, Tim was completely angry.

What? He said there was something wrong with the company's documents and asked him to arrive at the company in half an hour. But the table was so clean that there was no problem document acc

ppress it and wait for me to come back."

The words of Richie, who was not in a hurry but with a faint aura of power, rang out behind him. However, Tim still turned his head, as if he was unwilling to talk to Richie.

'What do you mean by 'leave all the work to me'? During this period of time, except when I have to ask you to sign your name, you have never asked about all about company. Almost all the work is handed over to me.

Wait you to come back to deal with it. Who knows when you will come back? Wait, go abroad? You are going abroad? You didn't come to the company recently, so I didn't arrange the schedule. Why are you going abroad?'

Tim was stunned and immediately thought of something, so he forgot that he was still angry before. He quickly turned around and asked, "Richie, is there any news about Consuela?"

Richie nodded. There was no expression on his face, but there was incomparable joy in his eyes.

"Yes, I got some news. Someone sent to France said that there were some clues and they found a photo of a girl who looked like Consuela, so I have to go there to have a look in person."

After a pause, Richie continued, "But don't tell this to anyone in the Ye Clan for the time being, especially my parents. We'll talk about it after I come back."

Now he just found a person similar to Consuela and was not completely sure, so he didn't want to tell them and make them feel uneasy.

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