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   Chapter 676 He Was In A Good Mood

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After another unexpected vomiting, the boy finally stopped. But at this time, Richie had changed the shirt.

When Lethe spat out milk, Richie was lying on the bed, bending his legs to let Lethe play on his lap. Therefore, his shirt took all the milk that the little guy spat out.

After tidying himself up, Richie, who was both angry and funny, sat down on the chair with Lethe in his arms. After the two incidents, he felt that he couldn't lie on the bed anymore, or the bed sheet would have to be changed later.

Lethe was too small and his legs were too weak. Richie put him on his legs, put his hands under his armpit and supported him to try to stand. But every time he stood for less than three seconds, he lowered himself.

He tried several times, but failed. Afraid of hurting him, Richie didn't dare to try again. He took him back into his arms and let him look at him face to face.

Richie looked at the little boy, who was also looking at him, with his big black eyes staring blankly at him. He was so cute.

Seeing that the little boy was so cute, Richie wanted to tease him.

Looking at his dark and bright eyes, Richie slowly leaned his head over. He didn't stop until the tip of their noses touched each other. He observed the reaction of Lethe.

But Lethe was just a child of a few months old. He had no idea what Richie was going to do, and even if he knew it, he couldn't resist.

So Lethe continue to look at the face in front of him with his big eyes.

Seeing that Lethe was still looking at him like that, Richie continued his action. He touched Lethe's nose with his nose for a few times, and then stopped to see his expression.

This time, Lethe began to smile after making a fuss for a few days. Although the smile was not very obvious, it was the first smile in these days.

Seeing that Lethe smile, Richie also smiled happily in a low voice. He was very happy in his heart.

Looking at the face that looked more like his when Lethe smiled, Richie thought of the st

int voice of Richie.

"No, thanks. I'll drive myself out."

"Yes, Mr. Richie." The driver bowed slightly and said respectfully.

Half a minute later, a black Land Rover drove out of the Ye's house.

Putting on the earphones, Richie dialed Tim's number.

"Hello, Richie. It's so late. What's up? "

Tim's voice on the phone was a little hoarse, with some low and magnetic voice that he didn't usually have.

Hearing the voice, Richie knew what he was doing. He coughed and said slowly, "I have read a document you gave me. It seems that there is something wrong. Come out. I'll wait for you in the company."

On the other side of the phone, Tim's breath stopped for a moment, and then he raised his voice, with a hint of unwillingness in his words.

"Richie, is there anything that you can't tell me on the phone? … I'm busy now. I'll call you later."

As soon as Tim finished speaking, Richie replied.

"I'll wait for you in my office in half an hour."

Without waiting for Tim's reply, Richie hung up the phone.

Driving the car, Richie felt that his embarrassment was relieved after he made the phone call because he made Lethe cry by accident in the Ye Clan.

At a red light, Richie waited and turned on the sound. After the green light was on, the black Land Rover was drove away before the red light was on.

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