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   Chapter 675 Just Leave It To Time

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After Richie left, his father sat in the chair for half an hour, motionless, but lost in thought.

In fact, in addition to complaining to him that Richie hadn't returned to the company and that all the work was left to his assistants, Tim also told him that Laura had come back.

The woman not only came back, but also joined the company. She not only joined the company, but also served as the assistant of Richie.

This was Tim's original words. When Tim said this, he was angry and helpless about Richie's decision.

When he was talking with Richie, he wanted to ask him what was going on. On the one hand, he wanted to find Consuela, and on the other hand, he wanted to recruit Laura.

But after Richie told him his thoughts about finding Consuela, he decided not to mention it.

Because he knew that his son was not stupid and rational, he chose to rest assured. He trusted his son and his son's decision.

Carter sighed deeply in his heart, hoping that the two of them could finally be together after going through so many hardships.

Carter was sitting in the chair with his eyes closed. Suddenly, he heard the door of the study open and close. He knew who was coming and quickly opened his eyes.

The person standing under the light was indeed Wendy.

As a matter of fact, Wendy was fifty years old this year, but now in the bright light, she looked like in her early forty.

Her black hair was almost not grey, and her face was well maintained. There were not many traces of time on many parts like the ordinary woman in her fifties.

Moreover, Wendy had a gentle temperament, which made her feel more like a graceful woman.

But in the bright light of the study, the darkness in front of her eyes could not be hidden.

She had to take care of Lethe and keep the whole family. Although she didn't have to do it herself, she had to check it. Moreover, recently because of Lethe, she had been worried all the time and couldn't sleep well at night.

Richie's father narrowed his eyes and pointed at the chair that Richie had sat before, hinting her to sit down.

As soon as Wendy sat down, she couldn't wait to ask, "Has Richie recovered?"

She had been thinking about i

to pinch his pink face, but he was afraid that the baby's skin would be tender and his hands would hurt him, so he restrained himself.

After taking good care of Lethe to get up, Richie sat on the edge of the bed with one hand and reached into the basin with the other hand to feel the temperature of the milk bottle.

When he was about to take it up for the baby, Richie remembered what Wendy had done before. After trying the temperature, he felt that it was indeed okay, so he took the milk bottle and fed the little boy.

Because of sleeping well, Lethe didn't get angry. So he drank milk happily, so it didn't take long for Richie to feed Lethe.

However, not long after Richie was happy, something that gave him a headache came, because Lethe began to vomit milk.

Putting down the milk bottle, Richie turned around and was about to turn on the light. Suddenly, he felt the baby in his arms move. He turned around and found that Lethe had already spat out a few mouthfuls of milk.

Lethe was held in his arms. The milk he spat out was all on his newly dressed clothes, and some of the milk even flowed along the clothes to his hands, sticky.

Helplessly, Richie turned on the light and immediately walked back with Lethe in his arms. He fetched a wet tissue to wipe the clothes, mouth and hands.

At this time, Richie finally understood why Miranda refused to leave for a while when he asked her to go out and say that he could take care of Lethe.

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