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   Chapter 673 Only She Can

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"I want to change Lance's name."

Said Richie firmly, looking straight into his father's eyes.

"Change the name... Then what name would you like to change for him?


There were so many words in the same voice that Carter couldn't understand for a moment, so he asked, "Lethe, which Lethe? How to spell it?"

"L-E-T-H-E, Lethe."

Carter's heart skipped a beat. What did this man mean by giving his son such a name?

He was heartbroken and desperate. "Do you think that Consuela will never come back, or do you just want Consuela to forget what you had done to her?"

His father, who had never been hidden in front of his family, asked Richie what he thought.

"The second one." Richie answered concisely, and then looked at his father in front of him without blinking.

Hearing his son's answer, the father fell silent.

He wanted Consuela to forget the bad things he had done to her, so he changed his son's name into this. He should take it as a negative treatment, since he hoped that his son could get rid of him.

In addition to knowing them well and paying close attention to them at home, who else would think about the meaning behind this name.

Obviously, Consuela wouldn't.

Whether or not Consuela would forget those hurtful things depended entirely on herself. Even if she knew the meaning of the name, it was useless.

After thinking for a while, Richie's father looked at Richie with a frown and said in an indifferent voice.

"Richie, you should know that you shouldn't entrust your feelings to anything else, because it's just a symbol on the surface, and it's also a kind of subjective imagination and self recognition. Sometimes, or most of the time, it doesn't work."

After saying that, Richie's father looked at Richie with his deep eyes, hoping that his words could wake up Richie and stop doing something like changing his son's name to Lethe.

He knew his son well and he clearly remembered the process of his son growing up.

Maybe he was not mature when he was a child, and he didn't have much contact with the outside world, so sometimes he would do something childish.

But as he grew up, people who had seen him wo

p eyes.

"You haven't answered my question yet. When will you go back to Sruthan Building and take over the company business again?"

Carter asked again. His tone was calm.

Seeing that he couldn't escape the fate of telling the truth, Richie replied helplessly, "I have Tim to back me up. I don't have any plans to go back to the company for the time being."

Looking at the helpless expression on Richie's face, his father was confused.

Judging from his behavior and the firmness in his words, he thought that Richie had recovered, and that Richie neither admitted nor denied, so he temporarily took it as he recovered.

But now he looked like he didn't want to go back to the company and was forced to do so. He didn't seem to come out of a love wound at all.

After regaining his composure, Carter looked back at Richie.

"You can leave Tim alone there? With him there, you can ignore it? Do you know that Tim has told me several times that he hopes you can come back to the company as soon as possible to take control of the overall situation?

But you still want him to take over the company for you. And you think that if there is no big problem in the company, you can live happily and do whatever you want."

His voice was not loud, and her tone was neither anxious nor slow. But Richie could still feel that his father was a little angry. Like Tim, his father also hoped that he could go back to the company as soon as possible.

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