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   Chapter 672 Does He Seem To Have Recovered

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The light in the room was dim, and everything in the room was warmed up under such light, losing the usual coldness. Accompanied by the sound of the slight breath, the whole room was shrouded in a different kind of warmth, gentle but also a little sadness that did not match.

Staring at the door, Richie was absent-minded until several heavy knocks pulled him back.

"Mr. Richie, Mr. and Mrs. Ye are back. Dinner is ready."

It was Emily.

Richie remembered that when he took Lance away, he did ask Miranda to ask Emily to call him at dinner, so he immediately replied to Emily after a pause.

"Okay, I got it."

Straightening his back, Richie got close to Lance and looked at his sleeping face carefully. He thought that he would sleep for a long time, and then gently stood up and left the room.

In the brightly lit dining room, the servants served the dishes in an orderly way and put them in order. Then they left and waited quietly at the door of the dining room.

Therefore, there were only the members of the Ye Clan in the dining room.

This was also because sometimes Carter or Wendy would ask about the company's affairs during dinner, which were related to the company's future development.

All this time, it was always a little strange for the servants to take care of him. Moreover, they were worried that someone would hear about the company's affairs and make use of them.

Later, such a scene happened.

The dining room was not small. The servants were waiting at the door. If there was any need inside, they only needed to call them. But if they discussed something important, they didn't need to lower their voices to avoid being heard by them.

On the table, after all the servants left, Richie's parents and Richie began to eat like ordinary people.

Richie lowered his head and ate the food in his bowl. A pair of chopsticks came into his sight, and after they left, a braised pork rib appeared in his bowl.

"Eat more. You look thinner these days."

Richie raised his head and looked at Wendy, who was sitting opposite him. He saw the love and helplessness in her eyes.

Lowering his eyes to take a glance at the sleek spareribs in the bright

t to negotiate with you."

Hearing this, Richie was stunned, but he quickly reacted. He relaxed the muscles on his back and face, but in the end, he didn't relax as he did at the beginning.

Perhaps it was because of the love between Richie and his father that he had always been a little reserved in front of him, but sometimes it was obvious and sometimes not obvious.

His father asked Richie to wait him in the study. But nearly ten minutes had been past, he said nothing except the first sentence that asked him not to be restrained.

If it were an ordinary person, he would have asked the question. How could he wait for ten minutes without changing his expression?

But Richie had been in the high position in the company for so long. If he didn't have such patience and stability, his efforts would be in vain.

Not only did his father not speak, but his eyes were fixed on his face, as if they were frozen. If it weren't for his blinking eyes, he would think that his father was frozen in front of him.

Time passed quietly in the study, leaving no trace.

At last, his father said, "Don't you want to know why I asked you to come here?"

"Yes, but I know that you will say it when he wants to say it. If you don't say it, it's not the right time."

After saying that, Richie paused and continued.

"Actually, I have something to tell you."

"You want to talk to me? In that case, you can say it first." Richie raised his eyebrows.

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