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   Chapter 671 I Miss You So Much

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"Do you know why Lance has been crying these days?"

These days, Richie didn't go to the company. He either stayed at home in his room, or got drunk in various bars and clubs.

Since Consuela left, he hadn't taken good care of his son. He was just immersed in his own sad thoughts.

He didn't expect that Lance had been crying like this for several days, but he didn't know that. If it wasn't for that he overheard a voice in the baby room and pushed the door to meet Miranda, he probably knew nothing even if Lance had recovered.

Eager to know the reason, Richie stared at Miranda which made her nervous.

When she entered the Ye Clan, Richie was always calm and cold. She heard that when Richie was only a child, he had already shown the coldness of a child of his age.

When he grew up and became what he was now, she knew that he had a cold and cruel heart hidden under his usual indifferent appearance.

Therefore, when Richie stared at her, she didn't dare to look into his eyes at all.

But he was the young master of the Ye Clan, and no one dared to provoke him outside. Miranda had to answer his question truthfully.

"It goes like this, Mr. Richie. Lance had been taken care of by Mr. and Mrs. Ye these days, but he always made trouble. He kept groaning before going to bed in the daytime, and sometimes he would burst into tears when he made a loud noise. No one could coax him. In the evening, after making a tearful scene for a whole day, Lance would be tired and fall asleep early, but he would make a tearful scene like he did in the day till he fell asleep. As a result, not only Lance didn't have a good rest these days, Mr. and Mrs. Ye were also very tired."

"Then when did he burst into tears during the day?"

After hearing what Miranda said about Lance, Richie asked again, and Miranda quickly answered.

"Maybe every time before drinking milk, although Lance was hungry, he refused to touch the milk bottle when it was sent to his mouth. Sometimes he would make a tearful scene before going to bed, and he wouldn't stop until he fell asleep while


Stretching out his slender arm, Richie took the rattle and shook it slowly. With the sound of the rattle, the anxiety in his heart gradually disappeared.

Shaking the rattle, Richie slowly lay down on his side, facing Lance.

The drumbeats didn't stop. Although it didn't have much effect on the crying Lance, he finally fell asleep with the rhythmic drumbeats. So he stopped crying.

It was not until Lance fell asleep that Richie stood up slowly.

He didn't leave. He just fetched a wet tissue and wiped Lance's face, hoping that there were no tears on his face and that he could sleep well.

After wiping the tears, Richie slowly leaned back and finally leaned against the head of the bed.

The sun had gone and the sky was getting dark. The light in the room was not very good, so the light was turned on. But because Lance was asleep, Richie turned off the bright crystal light, leaving only the dim bedside lamp, like a small night lamp.

Under the dim yellow light, Richie looked at the delicate rattle in his hand and didn't look away for a long time.

'Consuela, Tristan was dead. Are you willing to stay there alone in France? …

I have already known where you are. I have also sent people to look for you. If they find you, are you willing to follow them back and come back to me? …

Besides, Lance misses you very much...

I also miss you so much...'

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