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   Chapter 668 Didn't You Sleep Last Night

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The screen darkened once, twice... Ten times.

Counting the times when the screen went out, Terence spent the longest ten minutes in his life.

He straightened his body and made sure that there was nothing wrong with his clothes. After making sure that Consuela could see through him, he opened the unlocked iron door and rang the doorbell.

The doorbell rang. Staring at the kraft paper bag beside her, Consuela came to her senses and hurried to open the door.

"I'm sorry. I forgot to boil hot water. I made milk for Richelle last night. You can only drink the cold water."

Consuela looked at Terence apologetically and handed him the water.

"It's okay. I'm also thirsty. I can't wait for the hot water to cool down."

Terence took the bottle and drank some water.

Sitting opposite to Terence, Consuela saw his face clearly.

Although Terence was very energetic, one could still see his tiredness from the black floating under his eyes and his pale face.

"Terence, didn't you sleep last night?" But he said good night to him her...

"Oh... After I sent you the message last night, I was about to go to bed. Then I suddenly remembered that there was a report that needed to be submitted today, so I stayed up late to catch up with work... I didn't expect you to see through me. Ha ha... "

Terence lowered his head and smiled shyly. His eyes flashed, but because he was lowering his head, Consuela couldn't see his face now.

Hearing that it was because he stayed up late, Consuela thought of another thing.

"Stay up late... You just said that the report needs to be submitted today. If you are very busy today, we can change another time, or I can go by myself in case of delay your work."

Hearing what Consuela said, Terence waved his hand. At the same time, he felt regretful. How could he say today? He should say it later...

"It doesn't matter. I'll go with you. I've given that report to my colleague in the same neighborhood. He helped me take it to the company and asked for a leave for me. So I'm free today anyway. Don't be afraid of bothering me."

Hearing Terence's words, Consuela was relieved. Sh

And the report he said needed to stay up late didn't exist, but it was true that he stayed up late, because he didn't sleep the whole night.

He turned off his phone and lay in bed to get more sleep. However, he couldn't help but think of what Consuela looked like and what she had said.

He thought of Consuela who was lying on the bed then lying on her side on the bed. When he was annoyed by the images he had popped out, he sat up from the bed and thought of a different Consuela.

Later, he went to the balcony to breathe in the cold wind, trying to calm himself down. But after half an hour, it didn't work at all. Consuela was still blown out in his mind.

Finally, he lay back on the bed. All kinds of thoughts flashed through his mind, including Consuela, who was smiling, lowering her head, frowning...

Later, all the Consuela's appearances disappeared. They gathered together and became a Consuela who lowered her eyes and thanked him.

He was shocked. He turned around and saw the sky outside the window. It was dawn.

Later, he got up and washed himself. He didn't leave until half an hour later.

However, it was only seven o'clock at that time, so he drove at the minimum speed for half an hour and finished the usual twenty minutes.

On the way, he met the sanitation worker who had been staring at his car for a long time. If he had noticed it, he would have sped up and driven out of his sight.

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