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   Chapter 664 She Needs To Cheer Up

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Having found the cemetery, Consuela and Terence didn't stay there for long. They immediately drove back to the city.

When they arrived at the villa, it was already one o'clock in the afternoon. Consuela asked Terence to have lunch at home, but he refused because of a meeting at half past one.

Since it was about work, Consuela couldn't stay any longer. Before he left, she told him to drive slowly and not to forget to have something to eat after the meeting.

In the flying car, Terence looked at the road ahead, but a smile climbed up the corners of his mouth unconsciously, not even aware of himself.

After seeing off Terence, Consuela opened the door and entered the villa.

After changing her shoes, Consuela went to the kitchen to boil hot water and prepare milk for Richelle.

When Tristan was around, Consuela had never felt so tired to take care of a child. She could still concentrate on going back to studying the design drawings.

But now, she felt a little difficult.

After making the milk for Richelle and putting her in the crib for her to drink by herself, Consuela began to prepare her lunch.

After such a delay in making the milk, Consuela didn't feel hungry at all.

Before the hot water was boiled, she felt a stomachache because she was hungry. But when she soaked the milk powder in it, her stomach didn't cry or feel pain, and she had no appetite to eat.

But Consuela knew that it was not good for her to be hungry for a long time and it was easy to hurt her stomach, so even if she had no appetite, she still heated up the porridge in the morning and ate it up with several dishes.

After cleaning up the kitchen, Consuela took a book on architectural design from the study and went back to her bedroom.

In the crib, the baby had already drunk up the milk in the small bottle. She was smart enough to know that she couldn't suck it out, so she didn't hold it in her hand. She threw the bottle aside and ate her little fist happily.

Seeing this, Consuela burst into laughter, which was rare to see.

She turned around and fetched a piece of disinfectant tissue. She spread out her hands and wiped her hands little by little. After wiping her fingers twice, Consuela let go of her hands and let her bite her fists.

The air was filled with a faint frag

Because of hunger, Richelle, who hadn't drunk milk the whole afternoon, was holding the feeding bottle that she had thrown aside and sucking hard, but there was nothing in the bottle, so she couldn't drink anything.

If it hadn't been dark, she wouldn't have raised her head from the book. In that case, she didn't know how hungry Richelle would be.

After making the milk, Consuela soaked the bottle in cold water for a while. When she put a few drops on the back of her hand, she felt the temperature was just right. Then she put the nipple into Richelle's mouth.

As soon as Consuela put it down, Richelle took a bite and sucked it hard. It seemed that the little girl was really hungry.

Richelle was a good girl, so she found a suitable position in her arms. The milk bottle wouldn't fall down, but it could also be eaten by her. After putting the milk bottle away, Consuela turned around to prepare her dinner.

She opened the refrigerator and found there were only three carrots and some vegetables.

After thinking for a while, Consuela closed the fridge door and went upstairs to get her wallet and cell phone. She was about to go out to buy some food.

Back downstairs, Consuela looked at the sky outside. Then she went upstairs and fetched a coat for Richelle.

When she returned to the kitchen, Richelle had already finished a bottle of milk. Recalling the amount of milk she usually drank, Consuela thought that she was already full.

After dressing Richelle and pushing the baby stroller, Consuela went out.

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